Mychael Danna
Music that has been used in trailers:

Antoine Fisher: "Lock Yourself Up" (2002) was used in:
A History of Violence (2005) - Theatrical Trailer

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love: (1997) was used in:
Original Sin (2001) - Theatrical Trailer

Little Miss Sunshine: "First Push" (2006) was used in:
Little Miss Sunshine (2006) - Theatrical Trailer

Little Miss Sunshine: "We're Gonna Make It" (2006) was used in:

Ride With The Devil: (1999) was used in:
Ride with the Devil (1999) - Theatrical Trailer

Shattered Glass: (2003) was used in:
In Her Shoes (2005) - Theatrical Trailer

Vanity Fair: (2004) was used in:
Vanity Fair (2004) - Theatrical Trailer

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