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St. Pauli Affairs

St. Pauli Affairs

Diggler Records, GBR (DIG 002)

Release Date: 2001

Format: CD

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  • Various Artists

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Track Listing

1. "Go-Go-Girl" - Gerry Hayes and the Dynamic Brass
2. "Haschkeller" - Peter Thomas
3. "Shwere Jungs - Leichte Mädchen" - Erwin Halletz
4. "Fluchtweg St. Pauli" - Peter Shirmann
5. "Every Day" - Wilfgang Hartmayer
6. "Hunter's Beat" - Roland Kovac
7. "Lesbische Nummer" - Peter Thomas
8. "Top Secret" - Peter Schirmann
9. "Hippy Dibby" - Rolf Kühn
10. "Beat In Steel" - Berry Lipman
11. "Fluchtweg St. Pauli (alternate version)" - Peter Shirmann
12. "Black Market" - Frank Valdor
13. "Unter Den Dächern Von St. Pauli" - Peter Thomas
14. "Wenn Es Nacht Wird Auf Der Reeperbahn" - Erwin Halletz
15. "Shake" - Frank Valdor
16. "Der Puls Von St. Pauli" - Erwin Halletz
17. "Die Engel Von St. Pauli" - Siegfried Franz
18. "Reeperbahn-Atmosphären" - Siegfried Franz
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by Glenn McClanan
August 30, 2003
[3 / 5]

As we speed toward the holiday season like an out-of-control freight train, most of us try to think of new and creative stocking stuffers, and often decide to punt with gift certificates or candy or something.  Not this year.  We here at SoundtrackNet have just the ticket for you:  St. Pauli Affairs: Red Light Music form German Reeperbahn Movies of the 1960s and 70s.  Hey, why are you laughing?  I'm serious.  Okay, I'm not.  Anyway, for those of you uninitiated into the wholesome world of German soft core porn, the "Reeperbahn" is a 600m street that runs through the heart of Hamburg's Red Light district and the Reeperbahn movies, well, gave us "insight" into this world.

No one can accuse this soundtrack of being bland.  It is a funky combination of sixties and seventies lounge mixed with a non-offensive amount of sensual moans and suggestiveness.  With a mildly eclectic blend of tunes from Gerry Hayes and the Dynamic-Brass, Peter Thomas, Peter Schirman, Orchester Erwin Halletz, and several others, this soundtrack successfully captures a sense of suspense and naughtiness appropriate to these films.  Some of it even conjures up the European slinkiness of Henry Mancini's score to The Pink Panther.  The last few tracks shift to a larger sound, moving the dance feel of the earlier tracks to more of a club feeling.  Whereas the first thirteen pieces or so could work well for a seventies party, the last few tracks more indicate festivities without being festive.  Still, they won't ruin your party.

What bad things can I say about such a splendid collection?  Well, mainly, it is what it is.  If this era and, um, genre, don't interest you, this soundtrack offers you little.  None of the pieces break new ground in and of themselves.  Many soundtracks, even if you haven't seen the film, do a good job of conjuring drama and emotions.  This soundtrack's only emotion is the need to party, which is not bad, obviously, but is not very inspired either.  Great film music itself tells a story; this stuff simply conveys a mood.

This soundtrack is a good purchase for two groups:  those special few who are into this very special genre, and those who want a fun CD to use for a '70's party.  For everyone else, a gift certificate is the right choice this holiday season.


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