Composer Assignments

Below is a list of the latest composer assignments for current and upcoming releases that were added to or updated in our database in the last few weeks. News is curated from various internal and external sources, including our friends at If you have a composer assignment to report, e-mail us at

THIS WEEK (November 23 – 29, 2015)
Composer(s) Title Release
Eric Copeland Antibirth 2016
Sanjay Leela Bhansali Bajirao Mastani 2015
Armand Amar Belle & Sebastian: The Adventure Continues 2015
Saunder Jurriaans
Danny Bensi
The Benefactor 1/15/2016
Gregory Rogove Given 2015
Michael Lira Good Ol' Boy 2015
John Clement Wood (additional music)
Jon Kull (additional music)
Krampus 12/4/2015
Brian McOmber Krisha 2015
Geoff Zanelli Mountains and Stones 2016
Ronnie Minder Newman 2015
Paul Haslinger
Ben Frost
Rainbow Six: Siege [Video Game] 2015
Junkie XL Brimstone 2016
Nathaniel Mechaly Midnight Sun [TV Series] 2016
Jasha Klebe Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom 2015
LAST WEEK (November 16 – 22, 2015)
Composer(s) Title Release
Greg Sneddon Arrows of the Thunder Dragon 2015
Toygar Isikli Bes Kardes [TV Series] 2015
Winifred Phillips Call of Champions [Video Game] 2015
Ludwig Goransson
Theodore Shapiro
Central Intelligence 6/17/2016
Jens Oettrich Club der roten Bander (The Red Band Society) [TV Series] 2015
Stamatis Kraounakis I Kori Tou Rembrandt 2015
Solodeep MERCS 2016
Retro Mechanical Club
Giusva Cosentino
Milano Trema Ancora: la giustizia ha le ore contate 2015
Cian Furlong Night People 2015
Reksider Of Men and Mice [Short Film] 2015
Lorne Balfe Saints & Strangers [Miniseries] 11/22/2015
Dirk Leupolz Starfighter - Sie wollten den Himmel erobern [TV Movie] 2015
Jorn Kux Taterataa! Die Kirche bleibt im Dorf 2 2015
Christopher Carlone Trapped Magic [Short Film] 2015
Reber Clark Walk Away [Short Film] 2015
Graham Plowman Arthur & Merlin 2015
Bear McCreary The Forest 1/8/2016
iZLER How to Be Single 2/12/2016
Nathan Whitehead The Purge 3 7/1/2016
Dan Romer Sleepwalking in the Rift [Short Film] 11/16/2015
Gustavo Kurlat
Ruben Feffer
Boy and the World (O Menino e o Mundo) 12/11/2015
Bobby Johnston City of Gold 3/11/2016
Richard Gibbs
Coco 2016
Jason Turbin Dementia 12/4/2015
Jim Dooley Fifty Shades of Black 1/29/2016
Christopher Ward I Am Thor 2015
Ryan Potesta Imba Means Sing 2015
Kenji Kawai Ip Man 3 1/22/2016
Agnes Olier The Lady In The Car With Glasses And A Gun 12/18/2015
Daniel Belardinelli Lamb 2016
Dan Romer
Benh Zeitlin
Mediterranea 11/20/2015
Gerd Baumann
Sexteto Mayor
Luis Borda
Our Last Tango 2015
Nathaniel Mechaly Shut In 2/19/2016
P. Andrew Willis Uncle Nick 12/4/2015
Sean Johnson Full of Grace 2016
Jeff Grace Hap and Leonard [TV Series] 2016
Jeremiah Bornfield Hitchcock/Truffaut 12/2/2015
Benjamin Dowling Hot Water 12/4/2015
Bryan Senti London Town 2016
Grand Funk, Inc. The World of Kanako 12/4/2015
Mario Sevigny The Art of More [TV Series] 11/19/2015
Jason Graves Breach & Clear: Deadline [Video Game] 2015
Raphael Cowboys (Les cowboys) 2016
Mick Giacchino Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow [TV Movie] 11/21/2015
Toygar Isikli Kara Sevda [TV Series] 2015

Music Supervisor Assignments

Below is a list of the latest music supervisor assignments for current and upcoming releases. Report new assignments to:

THIS WEEK (November 23 – 29, 2015)
Music Supervisor(s) Title Release
Linda Cohen The Benefactor 1/15/2016
Tom MacDougall The Good Dinosaur 11/25/2015
Andy Gowan Hello, My Name is Doris 3/11/2016
Margaret Yen
Peter Afterman
Krampus 12/4/2015
LAST WEEK (November 16 – 22, 2015)
Music Supervisor(s) Title Release
Seven McDonald #Horror 11/20/2015
Kirsten Lane Legend 11/20/2015
Joe Rudge Mediterranea 11/20/2015
Koo Abuali Submerged 2015