Composer Assignments

Below is a list of the latest composer assignments for current and upcoming releases that were added to or updated in our database in the last few weeks. News is curated from various internal and external sources, including our friends at If you have a composer assignment to report, e-mail us at

THIS WEEK (October 20 – 26, 2014)
Composer(s) Title Release
Christian Clermont Apocalypse: World War I [Miniseries] 2014
Yonatan Riklis Dancing Arabs 2014
David Hirschfelder The Dressmaker 2015
Alfonso Gonzalez Aguilar Gurba (La Condena) 2014
Reza Safinia Mercy 2014
Cyril Boehler Mulhapar 2014
Andrew Feltenstein
John Nau
Sleeping with Other People 2015
Alexandre Desplat Suffragette 2015
Dominique De Witte
Marcelo Cabral
Jose Claudio Silva
Urban Survivor (Sobrevivente Urbano) 2014
Tamer Ciray Incir Receli 2 2014
Alec Puro Ashby 2015
Geoff Knorr
Grant Kirkhope
Michael Curren
Griffin Cohen
Civilization: Beyond Earth [Video Game] 2014
Para One Girlhood (Bande de filles) 2014
Sang-joon Hwang Man in Love (Nam-ja-ga sa-rang-hal dae) 2014
Ludwig Goransson A Merry Friggin' Christmas 11/7/2014
Lucas Vidal Nobody Wants the Night 2015
Lucas Vidal Palm Trees in the Snow 2015
Laurent Petitgand The Salt of the Earth (Le sel de la terre) 2014
Anton Garcia Viy 2014
LAST WEEK (October 13 – 19, 2014)
Composer(s) Title Release
James Horner The 33 2015
Jeff Beal Big Driver [TV Movie] 10/18/2014
Andrew Dost D-Train 2015
Sepultura Dupla Identidade [Miniseries] 2014
Toby Chu State of Affairs [TV Series] 11/27/2014
Nathan Wang Breakup Buddies 10/3/2014
Jonathan Sheffer
Daniel Salomon
The Decent One 10/1/2014
Joel Thompson (additional music)
Nate Finan (additional music)
Ouija 10/24/2014
Gil Talmi Food Chains 11/21/2014
Happy Ending 2014
Joseph LoDuca The Librarians [TV Series] 12/7/2014
Christof Unterberger Terminal Rage 2014
Scott Walker (II) The Childhood of a Leader 2015
John Paesano Daredevil [TV Series] May 2015
Ronen Landa Eloise 2015
Laurent Eyquem Finding Noah 2014
Ronen Landa Hell of a View 2014
John Swihart A Light Beneath their Feet 2015
Lance Warlock The Marshall Family 10/31/2014
Laurent Eyquem Rabid Dogs 2015
Laurent Eyquem The Red Tent [Miniseries] 12/7/2014
John Swihart Staten Island Summer 2014
Nathaniel Mechaly Transporter: The Series [TV Series] 10/18/2014
Nathan Larson The Wannabe 2015
Xander Lott Default 10/17/2014
Christopher Westlake Always Woodstock 11/14/2014
Matthew Wilcock
Aleah Morrison
Artificio Conceal [Short Film] 2014
Salim Sulaiman Bang Bang 10/2/2014
Darren Morze Before I Disappear 11/28/2014
T. Griffin Evolution of a Criminal 10/10/2014
Vishal Bhardwaj Haider 10/2/2014
John Avarese I Am Santa Claus 2014
Alex Komlew Landauer [TV Movie] 2014
Alies Sluiter The Lookalike 11/7/2014
Karen Altman Magical Universe 10/31/2014
Kazimir Boyle Old Fashioned 2/13/2015
The National
James Baxter
Point and Shoot 10/31/2014
Joe Barrucco
Jeff Barnaby
Rhymes for Young Ghouls 10/24/2014
Giona Ostinelli Two-Bit Waltz 10/24/2014
Jeanine Tesori You're Not You 10/10/2014

Music Supervisor Assignments

Below is a list of the latest music supervisor assignments for current and upcoming releases. Report new assignments to:

LAST WEEK (October 13 – 19, 2014)
Music Supervisor(s) Title Release
Gabe Hilfer
Season Kent
Fury 10/17/2014
Randall Poster Men, Women & Children 10/1/2014