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Batman - Original Score

Batman - Original Score

Warner Brothers Records

Release Date: August 2, 1989

Conducted by Shirley Walker

Performed by
The Sinfonia Of London

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: Batman
1. Birth Of A Penguin 5:37
2. The Batman Theme 2:38
3. Birth Of A Penguin
4. Roof Fight 1:20
5. First Confrontation 4:43
6. The Lair 5:46
7. Kitchen, Surgery, Face-Off 3:07
8. The Lair
9. Flowers 1:51
10. Selina Transforms 5:27
11. Clown Attack 1:45
12. Selina Transforms
13. Batman To The Rescue 3:56
14. The Cemetery 2:55
15. Cat Suite 5:42
16. Roasted Dude 1:01
17. Batman Vs. The Circus 2:35
18. Photos / Beautiful Dreamer 2:27
19. Descent Into Mystery 1:31
20. The Rise And Fall From Grace 5:49
21. The Bat Cave 2:35
22. The Rise And Fall From Grace
23. Sore Spots 2:16
24. The Joker's Poem 0:56
25. Childhood Remembered 2:43
26. Rooftops 7:55
27. Love Theme 1:30
28. Wild Ride
29. Charge Of The Batmobile 1:41
30. The Children's Hour 1:47
31. Attack Of The Batwing 4:44
32. The Final Confrontation 10:07
33. The Final Confrontation
34. Up The Cathedral 5:04
35. The Finale 5:00
36. Waltz To The Death 3:55
37. The Final Confrontation 3:47
38. The Finale
39. End Credits 4:42
40. Finale 1:45
41. Batman Theme Reprise 1:28
42. Face To Face 4:17
  Disc Time: 124:22
  Total Album Time: 124:22

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by John Herzog
April 18, 2001
[4.5 / 5]

"Powerful" is almost an embarrassing word to use when describing this score; it is a huge understatement. However, one of the best words to describe this composition is "powerful", along with majestic, stupendous, bold, dashing, and just plain wonderful. From the first track to the last, the listener is taken on a musical journey, an opus almost. The theme is so strong, and yet so simple, that it immediately draws the listener in. Darkly gothic in tone, it is what every Elfman fan hails as genius, and what every non-Elfman fan hails as a masterpiece. It is undeniable the power that is in this score. The dark undertones mixed with child-like playfulness mixed with the feeling of imminent action and adventure gives the listener quite a memorable ride. This score is a demonstration of the gift and talent that is Danny Elfman.

"Descent into Mystery" is a perfect illustration of Elfman_s mastery of choral composing. The voices, intermingled with the rolling strings, provide a sense of urgency, and, from the title of the cue, mystery. After the beginning of the track is done, the orchestra breaks free, exploding into the main theme in every way possible, showing the skill that Elfman has of composing highly effective thematic material. Elfman is very good with composing outstanding themes, and he knows it here, providing every means for the theme to burst forth in glorious, unrestrained orchestra. "The Joker's Poem" and "Waltz to the Death" show the silly side of Elfman with very over-the-top, very Mickey Mousy compositions, bringing to mind a later composition of Elfman's about a man with scissors for hands.

"Finale" is nothing short of heroic. Powerful, mighty, compelling, forceful, and commanding in every way. The cue evokes a certain feeling of confidence, of certainty, and of assurance that, no matter what fiend may lurk in the day or dark of night, Batman will always be there, waiting, watching, and then saving. May the same be said of Danny Elfman, and his wonderful thematic, and composing ability displayed here.


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