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Hanna-Barbera's Pic-a-Nic Basket of Cartoon Classics

Hanna-Barbera's Pic-a-Nic Basket of Cartoon Classics

Warner Brothers / Kid Rhino (R2 72290)

Release Date: 1996

Format: CD

Music By

  • Various Artists

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Track Listing

Disc 1:
1. Ruff And Reddy (Main Title & Sub-Main Title)
2. Ruff And Reddy (End Titles)
3. Huckleberry Hound (Main Titles)
4. Huckleberry Hound (Opening Bumper Music)
5. Huckleberry Hound (Sub-Main Title)
6. Pixie And Dixie (Syndicated Titles With Sub-Main Title)
7. Pixie And Dixie (End Titles)
8. Yogi Bear, 1958 (Syndicated Titles With Sub-Main Title)
9. Yogi Bear, 1958 (End Titles)
10. Hokey Wolf (Syndicated Titles With Sub-Main & End Titles)
11. Huckleberry Hound (End Titles)
12. Quick Draw McGraw (Main Title)
13. Quick Draw McGraw (Opening Bumper Music)
14. Quick Draw McGraw (Syndicated Titles With Sub-Main Title)
15. Quick Draw McGraw (Underscore & Syndicated End Titles)
16. Augie Doggie (Syndicated Titles With Sub-Main Title)
17. Augie Doggie (Underscore & End Titles)
18. Snooper & Blabber (Syndicated Titles With Sub-Main Title)
19. Snooper & Blabber (Underscore & End Titles)
20. Quick Draw McGraw (End Titles)
21. Loopy De Loop, 1959 (Main Title, Underscore & End Titles)
22. Loopy De Loop, 1960 (Main Title, Underscore & End Titles)
23. Yogi Bear (Main Title)
24. Yogi Bear (Opening Bumper Music)
25. Snagglepuss (Syndicated Titles With Sub-Main & End Titles)
26. Yakky Doodle (Syndicated Titles With Sub-Main & End Titles)
27. Yogi Bear (Underscore)
28. Yogi Bear (End Titles)
29. The Flintstones (Main Title - "Meet The Flintstones")
30. Flintstones Jazz (Underscore)
31. Wally Gator (Main Title With Sub-Main & End Titles)
32. Touche Turtle (Main Title With Sub-Main & End Titles)
33. Lippy The Lion & Hardy Har Har (Main Title With Sub-Main & End Titles)
34. The Magilla Gorilla Show (Main Title)
35. The Magilla Gorilla Show (Underscore)
36. The Magilla Gorilla Show (Curtain Calls)
37. The Magilla Gorilla Show (End Titles)
38. Peter Potamus (Main Title)
39. Peter Potamus (Curtain Calls)
40. Peter Potamus (End Titles)
41. Scooby Doo, Where Are You? (Main Title)

Disc 2:
1. Rise And Shine (Flintstone's Theme)
2. Flintstones Classic Underscore
3. Rise And Shine (End Titles)
4. Top Cat (Main Title)
5. Top Cat (Underscore)
6. Top Cat (End Titles)
7. The Jetsons (Main Title)
8. The Jetsons (Underscore)
9. The Jetsons (End Titles)
10. Jonny Quest (Main Title)
11. Jonny Quest (Underscore)
12. Jonny Quest (End Titles)
13. The Atom Ant Show (Main Title)
14. The Secret Squirrel Show (Main Title)
15. Space Ghost (Main Title)
16. The Banana Splits Adventure Hour (Main Title)
17. Dastardly & Muttley In Their Flying Machines ("Stop That Pigeom!")
18. Josie & The Pussycats (Main Title)
19. Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm (Main Titles)
20. The Flintstones Comedy Hour (Main Title)
21. Wheelie & The Chopper Bunch (Main Title)
22. Hong Kong Phooey (Main Title)

Disc 3:
1. Meet The Flintstones (Main Title, 1965)
2. Meet The Flintstones (Original Album Version, 1961)
3. Rockin' Bird
4. Car Hop Song
5. Star Dust
6. Yabba-Dabba-Doo!
7. Happy Anniversary Quartet
8. Lucia
9. Rockenspeel Jingle
10. Bedrock Twitch
11. Old Folks At Home
12. Softsoap Jingle
13. Way Outs
14. Surfin' Craze
15. Open Up Your Heart And Let The Sunshine In
16. Laugh, Laugh
17. Christmas Is My Fav'rite Time Of Year
18. Dino The Dinosaur
19. Meet The Flintstones (End Title, 1962)
20. The Man Called Flintstone
21. They'll Never Split Us Apart
22. Rise And Shine (Main Title, 1960)
23. Rise And Shine (End Title, 1960)
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