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Just Visiting

Just Visiting

Varese Sarabande (302 066 239 2)

Release Date: 2001

Conducted by Adam Stern

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Thibault Goes To England 2:39
2. The Hag's Hut 2:28
3. Bosaline & Thibault 1:32
4. Hallucination And Execution 1:10
5. To Chicago 0:40
6. Kill The Car 2:00
7. Thibault Sees Julia 1:16
8. My Cousin, My Descendant 1:29
9. Ode de Toilet 0:27
10. Tub For Two 1:03
11. So Many Descendants 0:21
12. Kissing Cousins 0:39
13. Searching For A Wizard 0:50
14. Another Visitor 0:44
15. On The Bridge 1:55
16. Feel Like A Lady 1:04
17. Andre Can't Ask 0:35
18. The Wizard Pulls Himself Together 1:03
19. The HIzard Cooks 0:40
20. Andre Asks To Stay 0:57
21. Not A Bunny 1:04
22. The Big Chase 2:02
23. What Will I Do Without You 1:46
24. Thibault And The Wizard Return Home 1:56
25. In The Icehall 1:09
26. Hunter Gets It / Julia Sees The Castle 1:44
27. Your Time Will Come 2:57
  Total Album Time: 36:10


by Dan Goldwasser
May 3, 2001
[3 / 5]

While working at a company housed in the Lantana Building in Santa Monica, I kept passing by a suite of rooms devoted to post-production on a Gaumont-produced film called The Visitor.  As it turns out, it was the English-language remake of the 1993 French hit Les Visiteurs.  Starring Jean Reno as a medieval French knight who (along with his serf) has been whisked away (via a sorcerer) to modern Chicago (accidentally), Just Visiting contained an appropriately medieval themed score by John Powell (and a few others).

Beginning with an optimistic, thematically heavy cue, "Thibault Goes To England", Powell's distinctive style is immediately recognizable.  Mixing strings, orchestra, choir, and a bit of percussion.  There are moments of classical influence, most notably in the string work, which about halfway suddenly take a turn towards Gladiator.  The obvious comparisons aside though, the cue is rather exciting, and a good taste of the score on the album.  Powell has always had a knack for themes, and this score is loaded with them. 

The cue "To Chicago" features a more mystical edge to it - no doubt some magic is at work here.  Again, the use of choir is prominent throughout the score, and adds a real large sense of power to it.  But don't let that fool you - there are some softer moments.  The use of acoustic guitar mixed with orchestra works wonderfully, and even a more whimsical cue like "Tub For Two" (featuring whistling, guitar, and percussion) doesn't seem completely out of place.

Nick Glennie-Smith, James McKee Smith, and Geoff Zanelli scored additional music on this album, but you wouldn't know that unless you were told - it really does hold together.  If I had to sum it up in a few words, I would say it was Antz meets Chicken Run meets Gladiator.  The album is capped off with a pop song "Your Time Will Come" that didn't really seem to fit, but upon further examination, I discovered that it was because it's more of a club-dance mix song, and that's what bugged me.  But it actually uses themes from the film, and was co-written by Powell with Gavin Greenaway and Jeff Pescetto (a few other Media Ventures buddies).  The song works on it's own; just not with the rest of the music.  (And yet it does thematically, which makes it so strange.)  Running about 36-minutes long, Just Visiting is a rather enjoyable album that I think you'll get a kick out of if you can overlook the debt it owes to Gladiator, and deal with the complete change of style with the pop song at the end.


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