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Kate & Leopold

Kate & Leopold

Milan Records (73138-35982-2)

Release Date: 2002

Conducted by William Stromberg

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. A Clock in New York 1:25
2. I Want Him Resplendent 1:25
3. Leopold Chases Stuart to Brooklyn 1:54
4. That Was Your Best? 1:17
5. Let's Go! 3:03
6. Leopold Sees the completed Bridge 0:48
7. "You Did So Great" (Kate's Theme) 1:18
8. Galloping 1:21
9. "Dearest Kate..." 2:13
10. Prolixin / Leopold & Charlie Buy Flowers 2:20
11. Charlie Wins Patrice, Leopold Wins Kate 3:41
12. Secret Drawer 2:00
13. Time for Bed 2:14
14. Charlie Realizes Leopold Was For Real - 1876 1:31
15. Kate Goes to the Awards 2:24
16. Kate Sees the Pictures - "I Have to Go" 2:53
17. "You Have to Cross the Girder" 1:51
18. Back in 1876 - Waltz 2:11
19. "Back Where I Belong" - Jula Bell 2:49
20. "Until..." - Sting 3:03
  Total Album Time: 41:41

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by Glenn McClanan
August 30, 2003
[2.5 / 5]

Kate & Leopold is a whimsical romantic comedy starring the attractive Meg Ryan and the exceptional Hugh Jackman which is most striking in how un-striking it is.  Similarly, the music is nice and pleasant, but almost completely uninspired.  The film tells the story of a disenchanted dilettante who accidentally follows a time traveler from 1876 New York to present-day New York.  The young American noble, played by Jackman, falls in love with the traveler (Live Schreiber)'s former girlfriend and neighbor, Meg Ryan.  This is a sweet, light story that is certainly enjoyable enough, but never exceptional.  As a romance, it is simple and inoffensive, but as a story, it feels like everything is glossed over.  You get just enough information to tell a semblance of a story, but nothing more - and in so doing, it becomes unsatisfying.  We soon can predict every turn the story takes, and the end seems completely like a foregone conclusion.

In the same way, the soundtrack is a completely enjoyable score that lacks any real personality.  The score's composer Rolfe Kent is no slouch, and each piece is well-crafted and sets a good tone of both whimsy and intrigue.  Moreover, he evokes a period feel while still keeping the music intriguing to a modern audience.  In addition, to the score, the soundtrack includes the Oscar-nominated song "Until", performed by Sting, which adds a nice light touch. 

That being said, nothing about the music is overly unique or memorable.  You don't come away from it humming the Kate & Leopold theme.  To be fair, Kent is clearly limited by the film.  Every step of the way, the filmmakers play it safe, so for him to go out on a limb would seem incongruous.  Having said that, he could have added some stronger, more unique emotional threads that would make the overall film have more weight than a feather.  Also, Sting's piece is definitely phoned in - it has none of the flare or style that we associate with the rock icon.

Basically, the only folks who will like this soundtrack are die-hard fans of the movie who want to re-live the film, even though the music is not terribly evocative.  Otherwise, save your $15 for something a little less vanilla and a little more fun and interesting.


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