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The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal

Numenorean Music (NMCD 003)

Release Date: 2003

Conducted by Marcus Dods

Performed by
The London Symphony Orchestra

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: Dark Crystal, The
1. The Dark Crystal Overture 3:11
2. The Power Ceremony 3:57
3. The Storm 1:03
4. The Mystical Master Dies 0:51
5. The Funerals / Jen's Journey 5:25
6. The Skeksis' Funeral 2:42
7. The Pod Dance 3:14
8. Love Theme 3:17
9. Gelfling Song 2:22
10. The Gelfling Ruins 2:43
11. The Landstrider Journey 0:44
12. The Great Conjunction 4:13
13. Finale 7:14
  Disc Time: 40:56

Disc 2: Dark Crystal, The
1. Opening Titles And Main Theme / The Mystics' Sandpainting 4:54
2. Jen Plays His Pipes 0:56
3. Jen Goes To His Dying Master 0:39
4. The Death of the Emperor / Death of the Mystic Master / Mystics Memorial Ceremony / Jen's Journey Through the New World 3:18
5. Skeksis Debate Leadership / Skeksis Duel (Film Version) 3:10
6. Chamberlain is Attacked 1:20
7. Skeksis Summoned by Alarm 0:50
8. Garthim are Dispatched / Jen on Aghra's Mountain 2:29
9. Jen Enters Aughra's Observatory 1:21
10. Jen Discovers Shard 0:22
11. Observatory Destroyed / Mystics Set Out 2:28
12. Gelflings Meet / Dreamfast 2:11
13. Skeksis Feast - Part One 2:27
14. Skeksis Feast - Part Two 0:30
15. Batbirds Dispatched / Environmental Musical Sounds / Gelfling Song / Batbird Brought Down / Mystics Travelling #1 2:25
16. Pod Party / Destruction of the Pod Village 4:10
17. Jen and Kira Love Theme 1:36
18. The Prophecy in the Ruins 2:09
19. Escape from the Chamberlain / Kira Summons the Landstriders 1:47
20. Jen and Kira Set Off on the Landstriders / Pod Person Drained 2:37
21. The Battle / Mystics Travelling #2 4:20
22. Jen and Kiran in the Sewer 1:43
23. Kira Brought Before the Skeksis 0:57
24. Kira Drained in the Chamber of Life 1:12
25. Kira Freed / Jen Goes in Search / Mystic Disintegrates / Mystics Travelling #3 1:08
26. Jen Trapped in Lair / Jen Reaches Chamber of Life 0:26
27. Jen Discovers Crystal Chamber 3:40
28. Gelfling Frightens the Skeksis / The Crystal Made Whole / Mystics and Skeksis / Fuse / Finale / End Credits 16:10
  Disc Time: 71:15
  Total Album Time: 112:11

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by Dan Goldwasser
April 12, 2003
[3.5 / 5]

After much delay and anticipation, Numenorean Music's two disc release of the score to The Dark Crystal is here. Featuring the Trevor Jones's original LP release on the first disc, and the complete film score as heard in the film on the second, this release should satisfy most fans who have been eagerly awaiting its arrival.

The score is rather dark and foreboding, only occasionally interrupted with sweeping lyrical romanticism. You wouldn't really know that, though, from the first disc - the bulk of the cues Jones opted to include are focused on the emotional romantic ones, with occasional dips into the world of darkness. It's a very solid listening experience, and the London Symphony Orchestra does an excellent job. The sound quality is perfect - you can throw all those old LP bootlegs away!

The second disc, however, is a mixed bag. Yes, it's the complete score - but as heard in the film. That means, edits and cuts are here. So, it's not really everything Jones recorded; there is even an instance where the music he wrote shows up on the album version, but not the film version. How disappointing! Even more disappointing is the sound quality. While The Dark Crystal was recorded to digital masters, those masters were not handed over by Jones for this release, for his own personal reasons. So, the producers of the album went to the optical masters. While a restoration was attempted, the sound quality leaves much to be desired. It's a shame that the composers lack of involvement prevented the best possible release of his own work.

Those issues aside, however, the second disc has pretty much every bit of music you would really want to hear from this film. I personally found myself favoring only certain portions of the disc, and felt that it didn't lend itself to as enjoyable a listen as the first disc. The liner notes are informative, containing an excerpted interview with Jones. With a rather low cost of $24.95, this album is distributed exclusively through (although you can find it being sold at other online stores), and is worth picking up only if your content with a perfect 40-minute album, and an okay-sounding 72-minute score.


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