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Total Recall

Total Recall

The Deluxe Edition
Varese Sarabande (302 066 197 2)

Release Date: 2000

Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

Performed by
The National Philharmonic Orchestra

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. The Dream 3:32
2. First Meeting 1:10
3. Secret Agent 0:52
4. The Implant 2:41
5. The Aftermath 0:30
6. For Old Times' Sake 3:00
7. Clever Girl 4:30
8. The Johnny Cab 3:47
9. Howdy Stranger 2:00
10. The Nose Job 1:55
11. The Space Station 0:47
12. A New Face 1:29
13. The Mountain 1:27
14. Identification 1:02
15. Lies 1:04
16. Where Am I? 3:59
17. Swallow It 3:07
18. The Big Jump 4:33
19. Without Air 1:15
20. Remembering 1:50
21. The Mutant 3:16
22. The Massacre 2:34
23. Freinds 1:40
24. The Treatment 5:36
25. The Hologram 5:36
26. End of a Dream 5:46
27. A New Life 2:22
  Total Album Time: 71:20

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by Dan Goldwasser
January 5, 2001
[4.5 / 5]

If you had to point to one of the defining action scores of the last decade, there's a very good chance that Total Recall would be the one you picked. With its pulse-pounding action cues, solid themes and science fiction motifs, it is definitely one of Jerry Goldsmith's best scores. Now there comes a new expanded release of the score, and the additional cues make a previously available score even more desirable.

Beginning with the Conan-esque pounding orchestra and powerful brass, "The Dream" allows us to hear the main theme from the film. Other motifs are just as strong: the action in "Clever Girl" and "The Big Jump"; the suspenseful awe-inspiring themes in "The Mutant" and "The Hologram", and many more. But you're most likely familiar with all of these themes and cues - it's the new stuff you want to hear about!

Well, don't worry - there is about 30-minutes of new material on this album. While many of the themes and motifs are rehashes or variations on themes we've already heard, the cues themselves are unique enough to enjoy as if they were brand new. "The Implant", when it all starts to go wrong for Arnold; "The Nose Job", when he tries to remove a tracking device from his sinuses; "The Mountain", when he arrives on Mars, and many others. Goldsmith's delightful mix of full orchestra with synth effects and percussion is apparent in one of my favorite cues, "End of a Dream". This nearly six minute long cue is one of the longest building suspense / action cues I can remember. It just keeps building and building, with more and more layers being added on. It's pure Goldsmith bliss!

This is definitely an album worth picking up, especially if you have the original release. By owning that first one, you have basically guaranteed your complete enjoyment of this new one. The only minor quibble I have is that there seems to be a typo. Track 25 is labeled "The Hollowgram". I'm sure it's just an oversight, but it's worth mentioning - there needs to be a bit more proofreading over at Varese! With a running time of over 70-minutes (including a special bonus cue: "For the memory of a lifetime..."), this is a must-have album, and one of the best re-releases of 2000.


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