INTRADA Announces Second Signature Edition Release: SHADE (2004)
Composed by Christopher Young
INTRADA Signature Edition ISE1002
Due October 26th, 2004

The hand is quicker than the eye in LA's underground gambling scene. Hustlers get hustled and fortunes ride on every deal. Three small-time grifters devise a plan to beat the ultimate card mechanic –The Dean. But a seat at The Dean's table doesn't come cheap. SHADE – a film where quick maneuvers and shady alliances keep you guessing until the last hand is revealed. SHADE stars Sylvester Stallone, Melanie Griffith, Stuart Townsend, Gabriel Byrne, Jamie Foxx, and Thandie Newton.

Christopher Young, a veteran of big-budget orchestral scores for movies as varied as "Species," "Hurricane," and "The Shipping News," creates a Schifrin-esque jazz world of smoky tunes for back-room card players and tricky numbers for heisters and sheisters. The film's releasing company dropped the original score in favor of other music, but Intrada rescues it for release in their "Intrada Signature Editions" series. This 49-minute CD offers 16 sparkling new pieces by Christopher Young.

This release is limited to 1000 copies. Pre-orders are welcome.

INTRADA Signature Series - ISE1002
Available October 26th 2004
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