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Joseph LoDuca

Detroit, Michigan
Kraft-Engel Management
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[2015]  Ash vs. Evil Dead [TV Series]
 Pay the Ghost
 Burying the Ex
[2014]  The Librarians [TV Series]
[2013]  The Wicked [Direct to Video]
 Curse of Chucky
 Spartacus: War of the Damned [Miniseries]
[2012]  Soldiers of Fortune
 Spartacus: Vengeance [TV Series]
[2011]  Spartacus: Gods of the Arena [Miniseries]
[2010]  Spartacus: Blood and Sand [Miniseries]
[2008]  Leverage [TV Series]
 The Librarian: Curse Of The Judas Chalice [TV Movie]
[2007]  The Messengers
[2006]  Bar Starz
 The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines [TV Movie]
[2005]  Boogeyman
 The Triangle [Miniseries]
[2004]  The Librarian: Quest for the Spear [TV Movie]
[2003]  Peacemakers [TV Series]
 Profiles from the Front Line [TV Series]
 Weird TV [TV Series]
[2002]  He-Man and the Masters of the Universe [TV Series]
 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Beginning
[2001]  Brotherhood of the Wolf
[2000]  Cleopatra 2525 [TV Series]
 Jack of All Trades [TV Series]
[1998]  Hercules and Xena: The Animated Movie
 Young Hercules [TV Series]
[1997]  Running Time
[1995]  American Gothic [TV Series]
 Fighting for My Daughter
 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys [TV Series]
 Xena: Warrior Princess [TV Series]
[1994]  A Child's Cry For Help
 Hercules And The Amazon Women
 Hercules and the Circle of Fire
 Hercules and the Lost Kingdom
 Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur
 Hercules in the Underworld
 M.A.N.T.I.S. [TV Series]
 Necronomicon (cocomposer)
[1993]  Close to Home: The Tammy Boccomino Story
 Dying To Love You
 River Of Rage: The Taking Of Maggie Keen
[1992]  Army of Darkness
 Second Avenue [TV Series]
 The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys [TV Series]
[1991]  Lunatics: A Love Story
[1989]  Moontrap
[1987]  Evil Dead 2
[1986]  City Tales [TV Series]
 The Carrier
[1985]  Crimewave
 The XYZ Murders
 Thou Shall Not Kill
[1983]  The Evil Dead
[1982]  Late Night America [TV Series]

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