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Lee Holdridge

[Photo - Lee Holdridge]
March 3, 1944
Port-au-Prince, Hati
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Best of the Year


[2013]  When Calls the Heart [TV Movie]
 The Prime Ministers
 The Confession [TV Movie]
[2012]  Liz & Dick [TV Movie]
[2010]  Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny
[2009]  Brothers at War
[2004]  10.5 [TV Series]
[2003]  American Valor
 Puerto Vallarta Squeeze
 Unlikely Heroes
[2002]  American Family [TV Series]
 The Pilot's Wife
[2001]  Almost a Woman
 In Search Of Peace
 The Mists of Avalon
[2000]  By Dawn's Early Light [TV Movie]
 Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport
 Kings of the Ring: Four Legends of Heavyweight Boxing
 Take Me Home: The John Denver Story
[1999]  Anya's Bell
 Atomic Train
 Blue Moon [TV Movie]
 Love Letters
 Sealed with a Kiss
[1998]  Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue [Direct to Video]
 Her Own Rules
 Replacing Dad
 Two for Texas
[1997]  A Call To Remember
 A Christmas Memory
 Family Plan
 Into Thin Air: Death On Everest
 The Long Way Home
 The Twilight of the Golds [TV Movie]
[1996]  An Unfinished Affair
 London Suite
 Soul of the Game
 Star Command
 The Adventures of Pinocchio
 The Little Riders
[1995]  The Tuskegee Airmen [TV Movie]
 A Mother's Gift
 Buffalo Girls
 Gunfighter's Moon
 Jack Reed: One Of Our Own
 Nothing Lasts Forever
[1994]  Danielle Steel's A Perfect Stranger [TV Movie]
 Danielle Steel's Family Album [TV Movie]
 Jack Reed: A Search For Justice
 James A. Michener's Texas
 Roommates [TV Movie]
 The Whipping Boy
[1993]  Call of the Wild
 Danielle Steel's Star [TV Movie]
 Jack Reed: Badge Of Honor
 Judith Krantz's Torch Song
 Killer Rules
 Robin Cook's Harmful Intent
[1992]  Dayo
 Deadly Matrimony
 In The Arms Of A Killer
[1991]  Danielle Steel's Changes [TV Movie]
 Face Of A Stranger
 Finding The Way Home
 Lucy & Desi: Before The Laughter
 Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love
 One Against The Wind
 The Giant of Thunder Mountain
 The Perfect Tribute
 The Return Of Elliot Ness
 The Story Lady
 The Summer My Father Grew Up
[1990]  Back to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn [TV Movie]
 Christine Cromwell: In Vino Veritas
 Christine Cromwell: Only The Good Die Young
 Daughter Of The Streets
 Huckleberry Finn
 The Dreamer of Oz
[1989]  Old Gringo
 A Mother's Courage: The Mary Thomas Story
 Christine Cromwell
 Do You Know The Muffin Man?
 Incident At Dark River
[1988]  Big Business
 14 Going on 30
 A Friendship In Vienna
 Fatal Judgement
 Higher Ground
 The Explorers: A Century of Discovery [TV Series]
 The Tenth Man
[1987]  A Tiger's Tale
 Beauty and the Beast [TV Series]
 Born In East L.A.
 Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion
 I'll Take Manhattan
 Walk Like A Man
 Young Harry Houdini
[1986]  The Men's Club
 16 Days of Glory
 Adam's Apple
 Miracle Of The Heart: A Boy's Town Story
[1985]  Transylvania 6-5000
 Letting Go
 Mafia Princess
 Moonlighting [TV Series]
 The Eagle and the Bear
 The Other Lover
[1984]  Micki & Maude
 He's Fired, She's Hired
 Shattered Vows
[1983]  A Carribean Mystery
 El Pueblo del Sol
 First Affair
 I Want To Live
 Love Is Forever (Comeback)
 Mr. Mom
 Running Out
 Thursday's Child
 Wizards and Warriors
[1982]  The Beastmaster
 In Love With An Older Woman
 This Is Kate Bennett
 Thou Shall Not Kill
[1981]  300 Miles For Stephanie
 American Pop
 East of Eden [Miniseries]
 Fly Away Home
 For Ladies Only
 Skyward Christmas
 The Day The Loving Stopped
[1980]  If Things Were Different
 Mother And Daughter - The Loving War
[1979]  Tilt
[1978]  And the Soul Shall Dance
 French Postcards
 Having Babies III
 Like Mom, Like Me
 Moment By Moment
 Oliver's Story (cocomposer)
 The Other Side Of The Mountain - Part II
 To Kill A Cop
[1977]  Alaska: An American Child
 Code R [TV Series]
 Eight Is Enough [TV Series]
 Pine Canyon Is Burning
 Sunshine Christmas
 The Greatest
 The Hemingway Play
 The Pack
[1976]  Forever Young, Forever Free (E'Lollipop)
 Gemini Man [TV Series]
 Goin' Home
 Mustang Country
 Riding with Death
[1975]  Mahogany
 The Family Holvak [TV Series]
[1974]  Nothing By Chance
 Skyway To Death
 The Rangers
[1973]  Jeremy
 Jonathan Livingston Seagull
[1972]  Another Part of the Forest
 Hec Ramsey [TV Series]
[1971]  Pigeons

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BSX Records

Released: 1975

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