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Randy Edelman

[Photo - Randy Edelman]
June 10, 1947
Paterson, New Jersey
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Gorfaine / Schwartz Agency
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[2016]  Back in the Day
[2015]  The Boy Next Door
 Leaves of the Tree
[2012]  The Greening of Whitney Brown [Direct to Video]
[2011]  Na Nai’A: Legend of the Dolphins
[2010]  Leap Year
[2008]  The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
 27 Dresses
[2007]  Balls of Fury
 The Last Time
[2005]  Son of the Mask
[2004]  Surviving Christmas
[2003]  Gods and Generals
 National Security
 Shanghai Knights
[2002]  XXX
 A Season on the Brink
 Frank McKlusky, C.I
[2001]  Corky Romano
 Black Knight
 China: The Panda Adventure
 Head Over Heels
 Osmosis Jones
 Who Is Cletis Tout?
[2000]  Dragonheart: A New Beginning [Direct to Video] (themes)
 Passion of Mind
 Shanghai Noon
 The Skulls
 The Whole Nine Yards
[1999]  Edtv
 The Hunley
[1998]  Six Days Seven Nights
[1997]  Anaconda
 Gone Fishin'
 Leave It To Beaver
[1996]  Dragonheart
 The Quest
[1995]  Billy Madison
 Citizen X [TV Movie]
 Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill
 The Big Green
 The Indian In The Cupboard
 While You Were Sleeping
[1994]  Pontiac Moon
 Angels in the Outfield
 The Mask
[1993]  Beethoven's 2nd
 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
 The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. [TV Series]
[1992]  The Last Of The Mohicans
 My Cousin Vinny
 Taking Back My Life
 The Distinguished Gentleman
[1991]  V.I. Warshawski
 Drop Dead Fred
[1990]  Come See The Paradise
 Kindergarten Cop
 Quick Change
[1989]  Ghostbusters II
 Troop Beverly Hills
[1988]  Feds
[1987]  Dennis the Menace [TV Movie]
 The Enture
[1985]  Scandal Sheet
[1984]  A Doctor's Story
[1983]  Ryan's Four
 When Your Lover Leaves
[1973]  Blood Sport
 Executive Action
[1972]  Outside In

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