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April 25 – May 1, 2016

Day Movie Title (14 total titles) Composer(s) Links
The Barber of Seville -
Eva Hesse Andreas Schafer
Raffael Seyfried
Unlucky Shiobhan Quinn
Keanu Steve Jablonsky (cocomposer)
Nathan Whitehead (cocomposer)
View 19 Songs
Mother's Day John Debney View 31 Songs
Ratchet & Clank Jingle Punks (cocomposer)
Evan Wise (cocomposer)
View Album
No Songs
A Beautiful Planet Micky Erbe
Maribeth Solomon
View 7 Songs
The Family Fang Carter Burwell View Album
L'attesa (The Wait) Marco Mangani
Piero Messina
Alma Napolitano
Dimitri Sillato
View 12 Songs
The Man Who Knew Infinity Coby Brown View Album
Papa: Hemingway in Cuba Mark Isham
Term Life Greg Laporta
Dave Porter (additional music)
View 8 Songs
Viktoria Kaloyan Dimitrov View 6 Songs
Viva Stephen Rennicks View Album
View 14 Songs

May 2 – 8, 2016

Day Movie Title (14 total titles) Composer(s) Links
A Bigger Splash - View Album
View 30 Songs
Black Songbird -
Captain America: Civil War Henry Jackman View 2 Albums
The Family Fang (wide expansion) Carter Burwell View Album
Being Charlie Chris P. Bacon
Bite Stephanie Copeland
Code of Honor Michael John Mollo
Dark Horse Anne Nikitin
Elstree 1976 Jamie Hyatt
The Idol Hani Asfari
Mothers and Daughters David Hlebo
Pele: Birth of a Legend A.R. Rahman
Phantom of the Theatre - View Album
The Professor: Tai Chi's Journey West -

May 9 – 15, 2016

Day Movie Title (18 total titles) Composer(s) Links
The Darkness Johnny Klimek
Money Monster Dominic Lewis View Album
AmeriGeddon Denis Kashoid
The Curse of Sleeping Beauty Scott Glasgow View Album
Dheepan Nicolas Jaar
Divine Access Casey McPherson
High-Rise Clint Mansell View Album
How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town Jeff Toyne
I Am Wrath Haim Mazar View Album
Kill Zone 2 Ken Chan
Kwong Wing Chan
Last Days in the Desert Danny Bensi (cocomposer)
Saunder Jurriaans (cocomposer)
View Album
The Lobster - View Album
Love & Friendship Mark Suozzo View Album
Love Addict Joel Christian Goffin
Search Party Craig Wedren
Sundown (Guat Defoc) Edward Rogers
Sunset Song Gast Waltzing View Album
The Trust Reza Safinia View Album

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