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Abel Korzeniowski: Early Works

Abel Korzeniowski: Early Works

Caldera Records (C6013)

Release Date: February 19, 2016

Conducted by Abel Korzeniowski

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: I Served the King of England / The Odyssey
1. I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND: Danube River 3:32
2. Dumka 4:29
3. Tango 3:49
4. Cenacle 3:39
5. Slava 5:11
6. THE ODYSSEY: Odysseus' Theme 4:17
7. Athena 1:36
8. Circe 5:33
9. Maenads 3:34
10. The Cows of Helios 1:44
11. Penelope's Theme 1:27
12. Sirens 2:12
13. Orgy 2:10
14. The Trojans 5:27
  Disc Time: 48:40
Disc 2: Kafka / Antigone / The Tempest
1. KAFKA: Memoirs 4:17
2. Dance Obscene 3:05
3. Amalia 3:15
4. Intermezzo 2:53
5. ANTIGONE: Stasimon I 4:06
6. Stasimon II 5:34
7. Stasimon III 3:02
8. Stasimon V 5:09
9. THE TEMPEST: Song of Time 3:42
10. Dance of Tempest 2:07
11. Arliel's Dance 3:16
12. Ding-Dong 3:46
13. Ariel's Tears 3:59
14. Song of Light 2:07
15. Dance of Fertility 2:37
16. Dance of Love 1:18
17. Love Theme 0:29
18. Song of Time II 3:45
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

From the Manufacturer

Caldera Records is proud to present a two CD set with works by beloved composer Abel Korzeniowski. Before he rose to fame, the Polish born musician wrote several compositions for stage plays in his home country. Among them were "I Served the King of England" (2003), "The Odyssey" (2005), "Kafka" (2001), "Antigone" (1996) and "The Tempest" (2003) which celebrate their premiere release on this set.

Excerpts from some of these works were previously released on a digital promo by the composer. The works presented here show the wide variety of styles Korzeniowski applies due to his incredible talent. "I Served the King of England" is one of his most original scores with a distinctive Eastern European flavour due to the use of a hammered dulcimer and accordion. "The Odyssey" is something completely different altogether, evoking ancient Greek music mixed with modern Western influences, using traditional as well as medieval instruments while "Kafka" is probably the quirkiest music ever written by its composer—and yet surprisingly sorrowful and dark at times. "Antigone" is as experimental as "Kafka"; written for choir, the complex music is certainly demanding for the singers but rewarding to listen to with its unusual harmonies, counterpoints and motifs which are not obvious at first. "The Tempest" is more traditional in that sense and immediately accessible with its elegant melodies and interesting musical colors.

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