Composer Assignments

Below is a list of the latest composer assignments for current and upcoming releases that were added to or updated in our database in the last few weeks. News is curated from various internal and external sources, including our friends at

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LAST WEEK (March 20 – 26, 2023)

Composer(s) Title Release
Keld Haaning Ibsen
Frans Bak
Corner Office 2023
Nainita Desai The Deepest Breath 2023
Geoff Zanelli Man & Witch: The Dance of a Thousand Steps 2023
Morgan Kibby The Power [TV Series] 3/31/2023
Patrick Seymour Chantilly Bridge 3/24/2023
Ryuichi Sakamoto (theme(s)) Nam June Paik: Moon Is the Oldest TV 3/24/2023
Hong Sang-soo
Hong Sang-soo
Walk Up 3/24/2023
Christophe Beck Agatha: Coven of Chaos [Miniseries] 2023
Richard Reed Parry Eileen 2023
Jon Brion Fool's Paradise 5/12/2023
Lorne Balfe Ghosted 4/21/2023
Daniel Hart Mother Mary 2024
Jason Akana Quasi 4/20/2023
Ryan Bullet Shields Reggie 3/24/2023
Alexander Bornstein The Tutor 3/24/2023
Sven Faulconer
Mark Foster
Unstable [TV Series] 3/30/2023
Alex Kovacs
Christophe Beck
Up Here [TV Series] 3/24/2023
George Andriotis (additional music)
Stavros Markonis
Incognito [TV Series] 2023
Eloi Ragot Jour de merde 2023
Oscar Martin Leanizbarrutia La sirvienta 2023
Frederik Wiedmann Miss Merkel - Ein Uckermark-Krimi [TV Movie] 2023
Nicolas de Ferran
Marc Celma
Scrap Riders [Video Game] 1/9/2023
Jonathan Sanford On Our Way 6/9/2023
J.J. Luna Sin Huellas [TV Series] 3/17/2023
Pessi Levanto Superposition 2023
Daniel Wohl The Thief Collector 2023
Evelyn Ida Morris Under My Skin 6/6/2023
Brad Breeck Kiff [TV Series] 3/10/2023
Pierre Desprats A mon seul desir 2023
Nathan East A Snowy Day in Oakland 3/17/2023
Aron McFaul Vernissage hos Gud 2023
The Math Club Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure 3/16/2023
Bonjour Meow La chambre des merveilles 2023
Jon Balke More Than Ever (Plus que jamais) 2023
Kwes Rye Lane 3/31/2023
Julian Maas
Christoph M. Kaiser
Someday We'll Tell Each Other Everything (Irgendwann werden wir uns alles erzahlen) 2023

Music Supervisor Assignments

Below is a list of the latest music supervisor assignments for current and upcoming releases.

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LAST WEEK (March 20 – 26, 2023)

Music Supervisor(s) Title Release
Doug Bernheim Desperate Souls, Dark City and the Legend of Midnight Cowboy 2023
David Fish Rye Lane 3/31/2023