Composer Assignments

Below is a list of the latest composer assignments for current and upcoming releases that were added to or updated in our database in the last few weeks. News is curated from various internal and external sources, including our friends at

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THIS WEEK (October 19 – 25, 2020)

Composer(s) Title Release
Nick Di Felice The Battle of the Bulge: Winter War 2020
Christophe Julien Bye Bye Morons (Adieu les cons) 2020
Federico Jusid
Adrian Foulkes
Cross the Line (No mataras) 2020
Olivier Daviaud Little Vampire (Petit vampire) 2020
Brandon Dalo The Mothman Legacy 10/20/2020
Eric Neveux Poly 2020
Power Glove (title) High Score [Miniseries] 8/19/2020
Hyper Hyper Scape [Video Game] 8/11/2020
Nascuy Linares Once Upon a Time in Venezuela 2020

LAST WEEK (October 12 – 18, 2020)

Composer(s) Title Release
Devilsbelt Amigo Skate, Cuba 10/9/2020
Silvia Nair Anja 2020
Joshua Pacey (additional music) Hubie Halloween 10/7/2020
Mondo Boys The Mortuary Collection 10/15/2020
Jason van Wyk
Andries Smit
Triggered 11/6/2020
Michael Tordjman
Maxime Desprez
30 jours max 2020
Steve Lynch Boys from County Hell 2021
Ed Grenga Christmas on Ice [TV Movie] 10/23/2020
Craig McConnell Christmas Unwrapped [TV Movie] 10/24/2020
Ernst Reijseger Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds 11/13/2020
Anthony Clark The Girl on the Mountain 2020
Chris Ainscough Jingle Bell Bride [TV Movie] 10/24/2020
Matteo Nesi
Andrea Manusso
La belva 2020
Alex Heffes Ronnie's 2020
Jonny Mendez The Shade Shepherd 10/16/2020
Steve Gurevitch Who Is Killing the Cheerleaders? [TV Movie] 10/18/2020
Christopher Cano
Chris Ridenhour
The Wrong Cheerleader Coach [TV Movie] 10/17/2020
Blake Neely Connecting... [TV Series] 10/8/2020
Sarah Warne Des [Miniseries] 10/15/2020
Saunder Jurriaans
Danny Bensi
Helstrom [TV Series] 10/16/2020
Dan the Automator Holidate 10/28/2020
Hauschka Home 2020
Lorne Balfe The Reagans [Miniseries] 11/15/2020
Harry Escott Roadkill [Miniseries] 2020
Jonathan Sanford Social Distance [TV Series] 10/15/2020
Robin Foster Truth Seekers [TV Series] 10/30/2020
David Reichelt Breaking Even [TV Series] 2020
Timur Turisbekov Bullets of Justice 10/15/2020
Sean Murray Dead Reckoning 11/13/2020
Joseph Trapanese
Clark Rhee
Release [TV Series] 9/3/2020
Olivier Arson Riot Police (Antidisturbios) [TV Series] 2020
Stephen Barton Watch Dogs: Legion [Video Game] 10/29/2020
Florencia Di Concilio Calamity (Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary) 2020
Lionel Cohen Feral State 2020
David Fleming Hillbilly Elegy 11/13/2020
Alberto Lucendo The Offering (L'ofrena) 2020
Alex Baranowski Staged [TV Series] 2020
Peter Jobson
Guy Garvey
Paul Saunderson
Life [Miniseries] 2020
Christian Balvig
When Saints Go Machine
Cry Wolf (Ulven kommer) [TV Series] 2020
Nicolas Weil
Sylvain Ohrel
Alexandre Lier
Parents D'eleves 2020
Sokio The Strong Ones (Los Fuertes) 2020
Andries Smit Toorbos 2020

Music Supervisor Assignments

Below is a list of the latest music supervisor assignments for current and upcoming releases.

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LAST WEEK (October 12 – 18, 2020)

Music Supervisor(s) Title Release
Kevin Grady Hubie Halloween 10/7/2020
Joe Rudge Jungleland 11/6/2020
Gary Welch Ronnie's 2020
Gary Calamar Uncle Frank 11/26/2020
Linda Cohen Nine Days 1/22/2021