Composer Assignments

Below is a list of the latest composer assignments for current and upcoming releases that were added to or updated in our database in the last few weeks. News is curated from various internal and external sources, including our friends at

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THIS WEEK (September 9 – 15, 2019)

Composer(s) Title Release
Giancarlo Vulcano Briarpatch [TV Series] 2020
Gabriel Mann Carol's Second Act [TV Series] 9/26/2019
Dustin O'Halloran
A Christmas Carol [Miniseries] 2019
Jonathan Sadoff Dollface [TV Series] 11/15/2019
Daniel James Chan
Blake Neely
Emergence [TV Series] 9/24/2019
Enis Rotthoff Guns Akimbo 2019
Emily Rice The I-Land [Miniseries] 9/12/2019
Mark Korven In the Tall Grass 10/4/2019
Steven Argila Mad About You [TV Series] 11/20/2019
Saunder Jurriaans
Danny Bensi
The Outsider [TV Series] 2020
Dario Marianelli The Secret Garden 2020
Bear McCreary See [TV Series] 11/1/2019
Steven Argila Son of the South 2020
Carlos M. Jara Sordo: The Silent War 2019
Gabriel Mann The Unicorn [TV Series] 9/26/2019
Steffen Thum (additional music)
Max Aruj (additional music)
Robert Charles Mann (additional music)
Nils Frahm (additional music)
Sven Faulconer (additional music)
Steven Richard Davis (additional music)
Ad Astra 9/20/2019
Ketan Sodha The Family Man [TV Series] 9/20/2019
Carl Thiel Seis Manos [TV Series] 10/3/2019
Rob Three Days and a Life (Trois jours et une vie) 2019
Amie Doherty Undone [TV Series] 9/13/2019
Lisbeth Scott American Son 11/1/2019
Christoph Zirngibl
Konstantin Ferstl
Finis Terrae 2019
Dylan Stark Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements 9/13/2019
Brian Irvine
David Holmes
Ordinary Love 2020
Zachary Cotler
Zachary Cotler
The Wall of Mexico 2019
Max Martin (lyrics)
Max Martin
Max Martin (lyrics)
Max Martin
& Juliet [Stage Musical] 9/10/2019
Roman Fleischer Abikalypse 2019
Carlos Viola Blasphemous [Video Game] 9/10/2019
Maxime Desprez
Michael Tordjman
Inseparables 2019
Seikou Nagaoka
Greg Yu
Midnight Diner 9/20/2019
Steffen Wick
Frank Schreiber
Swift (Manou the Swift) 2019
Michele Menini Two of Us (Deux) 2020

LAST WEEK (September 2 – 8, 2019)

Composer(s) Title Release
Young-Jin Mok The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos 9/20/2019
Dan Teicher Boy Genius 9/6/2019
Hiroyuki Onogawa A Girl Missing (Yokogao) 2019
Richard Breakspear
Richard Breakspear
Prey 9/27/2019
Bret Mazur 7 Days to Vegas 9/20/2019
Richard Bowers The Cheerleader Escort [TV Movie] 9/14/2019
Nathalie Bonin Forever in My Heart [TV Movie] 9/14/2019
Keith Kenniff In the Shadow of the Towers: Stuyvesant High on 9/11 [TV Movie] 9/11/2019
Nick Urata Mr. Toilet: The World's #2 Man 11/8/2019
Christopher Doucet Snatchers 2019
Ben Wheeler
Zviad Mgebry
And Then We Danced 2019
Chris Ridenhour
Christopher Cano
The Wrong Cheerleader [TV Movie] 9/8/2019
Nick Skachkov Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest (Yaga. Koshmar tyomnogo lesa) 2019
Evgueni Galperine Beanpole (Dylda) 2019
Matthew Herbert The Cave 2019
Toby Chu Centaurworld [TV Series] 2020
Alex Sowinski
Leland Whitty
Clifton Hill 2019
John Debney Come Away 2020
Sami Jano Dads 2019
Craig Armstrong Dirt Music 2019
Philip Ekstrom Endings, Beginnings 2019
Mick Giacchino
Michael Giacchino
Extinct 2020
Nathan Lanier Home Before Dark [TV Series] 2019
Paul Hicks
Dhani Harrison
Inside Billís Brain: Decoding Bill Gates [Miniseries] 9/20/2019
Melanie Martinez
Melanie Martinez
Michael Keenan
K-12 9/5/2019
Torin Borrowdale Locke & Key [TV Series] 2019
Benjamin Shwartz Mentada de Padre 2019
Alexis Maingaud The Sonata 2020
Jeff Russo (title)
Jeff Russo
Jeff Russo (title)
Jeff Russo
Jordan Gagne
Treadstone [TV Series] 10/15/2019
Giampiero Ambrosi Waiting for the Barbarians 2019
RZA Wu-Tang: An American Saga [Miniseries] 9/4/2019
Nick Sena
Zachary Dawes
Big Time Adolescence 2019
Kevin Gullage Burning Cane 2019
Ryan Taubert Code 8 2019
Janko Nilovic Deerskin (Le daim) 2020
Ramin Djawadi Gears 5 [Video Game] 9/6/2019
tomandandy The Infiltrators 2019
Peter Raeburn The Last Photograph 9/6/2019
Matthew Chalmers Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band 2020
Simon Smith
Arnau Bataller
To Live Twice (Vivir dos veces) 2019
Ryan Shore The Curse of Buckout Road 9/27/2019
Martin Probst Eine ganz heisse Nummer 2.0 2019
Alan Mumenthaler A German Youth (Une jeunesse allemande) 10/11/2019
Megan McDuffee River City Girls [Video Game] 9/5/2019
Indrajit Sharma
Parikshit Sharma
The Zoya Factor 9/20/2019
Kaizad Patel Eternal Code 9/6/2019
Ingo Frenzel (additional music)
Rainer Oleak (additional music)
Christoph Israel
Ich war noch niemals in New York 2019
Mari Boine
Harry de Wit
Svein Schultz
The Miracle of the Little Prince (Het Wonder van Le Petit Prince) 8/28/2019
Neil Athale Strange But True 9/6/2019
Jody Jenkins Tomorrow 2019
Chris Ridenhour
Christopher Cano
D-Day 9/13/2019
Nicolas Jaar Ema 2019
Florian Tessloff
Michael Beckmann
Get Lucky 2019
Angelo Foley La vie scolaire 2019
Lele Marchitelli Loro 9/20/2019
Philip Giffin Polaroid 10/11/2019
Daniel Pemberton Scarborough 9/13/2019
Peter Michael Davison Strike 2019

Music Supervisor Assignments

Below is a list of the latest music supervisor assignments for current and upcoming releases.

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THIS WEEK (September 9 – 15, 2019)

Music Supervisor(s) Title Release
Jeff Genie
Eric Debegue
The Harvesters (Die Stropers) 9/13/2019
Andrew Kahn The Sound of Silence 9/13/2019

LAST WEEK (September 2 – 8, 2019)

Music Supervisor(s) Title Release
Gabe Hilfer Just Mercy 12/25/2019
Matthew Hearon-Smith Ms. Purple 9/6/2019
Christina Azarian Rapid Response 9/6/2019
Neil Athale Strange But True 9/6/2019
Rupert Hollier Tomorrow 2019