Recently Added Soundtracks

Below is a list of soundtrack albums that have been added to our database in the past thirty days. The New Releases column lists newly published (or soon-to-be published) soundtracks and the Older Releases column lists older soundtracks but that are new to our database. If we are missing any soundtrack albums that should be added to our database, please contact us.

New Releases
Descendants 2: Score Suite (Single)
Borg McEnroe - Original Score
Safe House: Series 2
Sunday in the Park with George - 2017 Broadway Cast Recording
Star: Ain't Thinkin' Bout You (Single)
Es war einmal Indianerland
The Romeo Section
Hired Gun - Original Score
'Til Death Do Us Part
Thief of Hearts
Thor: Ragnarok
Chasing Coral
Bad Cop - Kriminell gut
120 Beats Per Minute
Black Mirror: Nosedive
Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2
Arrow: Season 5
Supergirl: Season 2
The Flash: Season 3
Contagion - Vinyl Edition
The Walking Dead - Original Score
Crazy Heart - Vinyl Edition
Thank You for Your Service
Don't Look Now
Werewolves from Outer Space
Saturday Night Fever - Deluxe Edition
Elvis Walks Home
Battle of the Sexes
Battle of the Sexes: If I Dare (Single)
Lane 1974
Gatta Cenerentola
The Hard Candy Kid
L'amant double
La Cordillera
Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Robot Jox
Angst - Der Feind in meinem Haus
The Big Fix
Unter Deutschen Betten
No Marriage
Natta pappa henta oss
My Pet Dinosaur
Time Walker
Limited Edition of 1,000 Copies
Harper Valley P.T.A.
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls - Original Score - Vinyl Edition
The Foreigner
Gun Shy
Bobbi Jene (EP)
Her Life and Legacy
Teen Wolf - Original Score
The Lion Woman
My Name Is Lenny
Second Nature
Blood Road
Scusi, lei e favorevole o contrario?
Made in Italy
Robinson: The Journey
The LEGO Ninjago Movie
Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh: Ooga Boo (Single)
Thunder Road - The Film Music of Jack Marshall
Limited Edition of 1,200 Units
You Me Her - Vol. 1
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - Expanded
Limited Edition of 3,000 Units
(Romance) in the Digital Age
Incompreso (Vita col figlio)
Limited Edition of 300 Copies
Le jeune Karl Marx / I Am Not Your Negro
Ben-Hur - Complete Score
Awaken the Shadowman
Limited Edition of 1,000 Copies
Top of the Lake: China Girl
Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
Totem (EP)
Project Cars 2
Mon Garcon
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial - 35th Anniversary Remastered Edition
Limited Edition of 5,000 Copes
Le prix du succes
The Nile Hilton Incident
The Rocket
The Get Down - Original Score
Lake Nowhere
If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast: Young at Heart (Single)
If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast: Just Getting Started (Single)
Fallout 4: Music from Far Harbor & Nuka World
Amelia 2.0
Waiting for the Storm
Jenseits der Linie (EP)
The Long Journey Home
Dead Again in Tombstone
Il colore nascosto delle cose
Genius: Bad Romance (Single)
Cello: Remember Me (Single)
Murder on the Orient Express
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Tooth and Tail
The Mountain Between Us
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Hope Dances
I Did Her Wrong
Dead on Time
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid - Expanded
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Tom Jones
Henry May Long
Doctor Who: Survival
Doctor Who: The Daleks
Cujo - Vinyl Edition
Limited Edition of 1,000 Copies
Jean-Michel Bernard Plays Lalo Schifrin
Gabriel and the Mountain
Fuller at Fox
Limited Edition of 1,000 Copies
In a Heartbeat (Single)
A Year and Change
Otez-moi d'un doute
Victoria & Abdul
Tara Tremendous - The Musical
Tadeo Jones 2: El Secreto del Rey Midas
Godless Youth
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return
The Limehouse Golem
The Lodge: Season 2
Destiny 2
Turkey on the Edge
Teen Wolf
The Dead Next Door - Expanded
Lone Echo
Sinner City
Hired Gun (Single)
Le Bestiaire d'amour / Mona l'étoile sans nom
Limited Edition of 500 Copies
Narcos: Season 3
BoJack Horseman
Human Traces
A Gentleman: Chandralekha (Single)
Bonne pomme
7 jours pas plus
The Drowning
Gook - Original Score
The Harvesters
Dark Net
Bring It On: Worldwide
Ali's Wedding
Ingrid Goes West
Buster's Mal Heart
Rebel in the Rye
68 Kill
Marshall: Stand Up for Something (Single)
Subsurface Circular
Loving Vincent: The Sower With Setting Sun (Single)
Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead
Birth of the Dragon
Happy Family
Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin'
The Bride
Older Releases
Friend Request
Robot Jox
Restons groupes
Robinson: The Journey - Vinyl Edition
L'ennemi intime
Un Prophete
L'enquete corse
Quand j'etais chanteur
La femme du cosmonaute
L'age de raison
La maison Tellier
Love Sick Love: Auld Lang Syne (Single)
Youth in Revolt - Original Score
The Villainess
Henry May Long
The Space Between
The Space Between
How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town
Taken in Broad Daylight
Abel's Field
Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story
The Third Eye
Dirty Girl - Original Score
Maxwell's Demon
Felicite (Remixes)
Around Felicite
The Dead Next Door
Rage (Ikari)
Celle que j'aime
Si j'etais toi
Parlez-moi d'amour
Les Kaira
Le grand mechant loup
De l'autre cote du lit
La permission de minuit
La croisiere

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