More Soundtrack Related Resources

DVD ISOLATED SCORES - This is a list of scores that are available on DVD as a special feature or isolated audio track.

STUDIOS - These companies are responsible for financing and producing the films.

RETAILERS - If you want to buy film music and other soundtracks, here's the best place to start, we have them categorized by location so you can find the retailer closest to your residence or place of employment.

PUBLISHERS - These companies publish the sheet music among other things to many of your favorite film scores. If you want to find if a score sheet is available for performance for retail purchase, this is a good place to start.

LOGO MUSIC - This is a list music used in the pre-title and credit sequences before many of the films you see today.

PODCAST ARCHIVE - Soundtrack.Net's podcast, which was produced between July, 2005 and May 2007, can be accessed here.

TRAILER MUSIC - The reknown listing of trailer and teaser music for a number of films.