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Cirque du Soleil: Delirium

Cirque du Soleil: Delirium

Cirque du Soleil (CDSMCJ 10026-2)

Release Date: 2006

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Cold Flame 3:44
2. Slipping Away 3:46
3. Someone 3:26
4. Too High 3:30
5. Walk On Water 5:12
6. Alone 4:28
7. Climb 6:29
8. La Nova Alergria 4:05
9. Lifeline 3:51
10. Bridge Of Sorrow 4:00
11. One Love 3:18
12. Let Me Fall 5:07
13. Time To Go 4:09
14. Time Flies 5:16
15. Sans Toi 3:41
  Total Album Time: 64:02

Review: Cirque du Soleil: Delirium

by John Merriman September 8, 2006
3.5 / 5 Stars

Cirque du Soliel\'s Delirium, a collection of revamped songs previously recorded to accompany the entertainment group\'s prior spectacles, is an enjoyable pop medley that easily keeps you on your toes with its notable variety. Although the song lyrics almost always leave something to be desired, the balance achieved by a wide range of musical approaches that complement each other seamlessly is what makes the album a solid listen.

The selection includes pieces by Réné Dupéré, Benoit Jutras, and Violaine Corradi, all of which have been retooled by producer Francis Collard and updated with new English lyrics by Robbie Dillon. Album highlights include "Walk on Water", an arresting mix of French rap/hip-hop and English female vocals over laid-back percussion and a relatively brief segment of intense electric guitar. "Alone" features a catchy accordion melody performed over strings, which then lead into soaring female vocals, while "Climb" is driven by a catchy pop rhythm. "La Nova Alegría" is a particular standout cue, with its fast-paced, Latin-infused percussion and harmonic English and Spanish vocals. Another very dance-ready song is "One Love", a saucy techno piece that features an insistent beat that occasionally shifts in tempo and, unlike most techno music, never overpowers the song.

From start to finish, Delirium is a smooth listen that\'s rooted in straightforward pop, but features plenty of inventive instrumentation and variation from song to song. Unfortunately, Dillon\'s English lyrics also feature plenty of predictable rhymes and clichéd phrases that sometimes are at odds with the more inspired instrumentals, but the quality of the singing performances partly make up for this shortcoming. And ultimately, it\'s the strength of the varied instrumentation and catchy melodies that stick in your mind the most. This album of updated songs is another memorable collection of music courtesy of the unique and innovative Cirque du Soliel.

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