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Disney's Superstar Hits

Disney's Superstar Hits

Walt Disney Records (60711-7)

Release Date: 2002

Format: CD

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  • Various Artists

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Track Listing

1. "Beauty and the Beast" - Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson
2. "You'll Be In My Heart" - Phil Collins
3. "Circle of Life" - Elton John
4. "Reflection" - Christina Aguilera
5. "My Funny Friend & Me" - Sting
6. "Colors of the Wind" - Vanessa Williams
7. "True to Your Heart" - 98 degress and Stevie Wonder
8. "Strangers Like Me" - Phil Collins
9. "He Lives In You" - Tina Turner
10. "When She Loved Me" - Sarah McLachlan
11. "You've Got A Friend In Me" - Randy Newman
12. "Once Upon A Time in New York City" - Huey Lewis
13. "A Whole New World" - Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle
14. "I'm Gonna Love You (Madellaine's Love Song)" - Jennifer Love Hewitt
15. "Put It Together (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo)" - Brooke Allison
16. "Hakuna Matata" - Jimmy Cliff and Lebo M
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Review: Disney's Superstar Hits

by Dan Goldwasser March 26, 2002
3 / 5 Stars

It's hard to imagine any Disney animated film without at least one pop song showing up either during the film, or the end credits.  While generally the film versions are the ones I prefer over the pop renditions, it would be foolish of me not to admit that the pop versions tend to be the successful ones with the most airtime.  Walt Disney Records noted this, and put together a top-notch compilation album of their biggest hits, from the past ten years.

Starting out with the Celine Dion / Peabo Bryson rendition of "Beauty and the Beast", the album quickly makes its way through hits from Tarzan (Phil Collins), The Lion King (Elton John), The Emperor's New Groove (Sting), Pocahontas (Vanessa Williams), Mulan (Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera), Toy Story (Randy Newman), Toy Story 2 (Sara McLachlan), Oliver and Company (Huey Lewis) and Aladdin (Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle).  All of the songs are enjoyable, and the sequencing works rather well, to provide enough of a flow, while keeping it fresh and varied.

Also included on the album are a few songs that you might not know about, simply because they're from the "direct-to-video" market.  Tina Turner sings "He Lives In You" from The Lion King II: Return to Pride Rock, Jennifer Love Hewitt sings "I'm Gonna Love You (Madellaine's Love Song)" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, Brooke Allison belts out "Put It Together (Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo)" from Cinderella II, and finally, the Jimmy Cliff / Lebo M rendition of "Hakuna Matata", which is nice but still doesn't hold up to the Nathan Lane / Ernie Sabella duet from the film.

With sixteen enjoyable songs, this album is great for anyone who wants to relive the end credits from the Disney films mentioned above.  It's a solid mix of artists and styles, and serves as a solid reminder of the quality of songs that have been coming out of the studio for the past decade.

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