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Imperativa Records (GLOBUSCDA1)

Release Date: 2006

Conducted by Larry Groupe

Performed by
The Northwest Sinfonia / IGAR Orchestra

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Preliator

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2. Mighty Rivers Run

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3. Prelude (On Earth As In Heaven)

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4. Spiritus Khayyam

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5. La Coronacion

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6. Europa

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7. Diem Ex Dei

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8. Orchard Of Mines

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9. Crusaders Of The Light

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10. Madre Terra

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11. Illumination

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12. Take Me Away

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13. Sarabande Suite (Aeternae)

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14. Porque Te Vas

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  Total Album Time: 72:37


by Mike Brennan
August 28, 2006
[3 / 5]

While Epicon is not a soundtrack, it is a compilation of production music well-known to the film score community, but presented here in rock album form. Globus is also known as Immediate Music, and the 14 songs on this album were based on popular cues from their trailer music library. Most famous are "Lacrimosa" and "Serenata", which were used for various Spider-Man 2 trailers, represented here as "Preliator" and "Orchard of Mines", respectively. The songs on Epicon are mostly inspired from tracks found on two Immediate Music albums, "Themes for Orchestra and Choir" and "Abbey Road". As the music team writes sample music for all genres, Epicon comes across as slightly eclectic, but generally portrays the intended feel, as specified by the album title: epic.

While intermingled on the album, I will break the songs out by which Immediate Music album they came from. "Abbey Road" is probably lesser known, thanks to Spider-Man 2, but also generally more electronic in nature, as "Themes for Orchestra and Choir" feature, well, more orchestra and choir. Metal vocalist Anneke Van Gierbergen performs "Mighty Rivers Run" as well as "Diem Ex Dei" with Christine Navarro. The other three songs from "Abbey Road" and decent, while the final song, "Porque Te Vas" has a Latin feel that is very out of place on Epicon.

Three of the songs from "Themes for Orchestra and Choir" are extended versions of the original songs, filled out by additional orchestrations, synth elements, or choir. These are "Spiritus Khayyam", "La Coranacion", and "Crusaders of the Light". The first of these adds some ethnic vocals over the electronic beats at the beginning, but by the end develop into a powerful choral piece, which was not in the original cue, that sounds like potential trailer music as well. The other four songs are just that: the original Immediate cues with lyrics and an extended mix. Of these, "Prelude" is the one that does not sound natural, though oddly, it was released as the "single" from the album. But the other three are what give Epicon its epic feel. "Illumination", based on the cue "Euphrates", is performed by Terry Wood, who builds the song nicely over the choir-based music.

In addition to "Serenata" and "Lacrimosa", as mentioned previously, the third song is "Madre Terra", which is based on the cue "Holy". What makes these three songs better is that they blend the epic tone of the music with powerful vocals and lyrics that do not detract from the original cue. I have heard from a number of fans that they like the original songs better, and in some regards, I have to agree. But that depends on what you are looking for. As rock songs, these three are very good. Dann P, who sings for five of the songs on Epicon, performs "Orchard of Mines". This song sounds a bit like a Delerium song, for those familiar with that group. I especially like how he does not drown out the music or choir and how the lyrics seem to fit the tune of the song well.

"Preliator" features vocalist Lisbeth Scott, who can usually be heard contributing to Harry Gregson-Williams\' scores. This song gives her an opportunity to use the full power of her voice and she easily sings above the rest of the music. Tenor Scott Ciscon of the group Tricolore lends his vocals for "Madre Terra", which he sings so effortlessly that it sound as if the original intent of the song was for his voice. Don\'t worry, fans of "Holy" will not be disappointed as to how he handles the climax of the song. These three songs alone make the album worth checking out.

If you were hoping for an official release of Immediate Music library cues, you won\'t find it here.  Rather, Epicon succeeds as a varied mix of cinematic rock songs, and is available on iTunes for those who wish to buy specific tracks.


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