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Saint Sinner

Saint Sinner

La-La Land Records (LLLCD 1003)

Release Date: 2002

Conducted by Christopher Lennertz

Performed by
The Budapest Film Orchestra and Chorus

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Bendictus / Main Titles 4:07
2. Repository II 3:47
3. Agnus Dei / Requiem 1:41
4. Attack 0:33
5. Tomas' Theme 1:39
6. The Repository / Evil Unleashed 7:29
7. Adagio for the New World 1:43
8. First Feast 2:37
9. Oratorio of Doom 4:30
10. Too Late! 1:28
11. Tomas' Confrontation 0:%1
12. Dagger of Nicodemas 1:43
13. Waltz of Demise 1:00
14. Rachel's House / The Cocoon 1:46
15. Kyrie / Naraka 1:45
16. Battle With Munkar 3:04
17. Elegy for Tomas 3:37
18. Dies Irae (The Return) 0:53
19. Saint Sinner Quartet 1:37
  Total Album Time: 44:59

Review: Saint Sinner

by Dan Goldwasser December 11, 2002
3.5 / 5 Stars

Composer Christopher Lennertz gives us a powerful and chilling score with Saint Sinner, using a full orchestra and chorus.  As it is based on material by Clive Barker, dark music and evil chanting is a pre-requisite.  But Lennertz delivers with some solid themes ("Tomas' Theme", for example) mixed with frenetic and wild suspense/action cues.  At times, it felt as though he had written a rather standard horror score, and interspersed a classical requiem mass throughout - but ultimately this is not the case.

From cues like the swirling "Waltz of Demise", to the powerful a capella in "Oratorio of Doom", Lennertz really gets a chance to stretch out and show us what he's capable of.  At times, especially in the action cues, it feels as though he is channeling Christopher Young.  Wholly satisfying, solid, and running a hearty 45-minutes, Saint Sinner is bound to please those of us who have a love of dark choral horror scores. 

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