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January 30 – February 5, 2017

Day Movie Title (20 total titles) Composer(s) Links
The Lure (Corki Dancingu) -
Mr. Gaga Ishai Adar
The Comedian Terence Blanchard View Album
View 9 Songs
Rings Matthew Margeson View Album
View 5 Songs
The Space Between Us Andrew Lockington View Album
View 13 Songs
American Violence Andrew Joslyn No Songs
Anatahan (Newly Restored) Akira Ifukube
Chapter & Verse - View Album
Confidential Assignment Hwang Sang-jun
Eloise Ronen Landa
The Grace of Jake George Stanford
Growing Up Smith Michael Lira
I Am Not Your Negro Aleksey Aygi View Album
View 12 Songs
Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back -
Oklahoma City David Cieri
Saigon Bodyguards Akihiko Matsumoto
The Trouble with Terkel Bo Rasmussen
War on Everyone Lorne Balfe View 16 Songs
Wheeler Stephen Dorff View 2 Albums
Youth in Oregon Joel P. West View 17 Songs

February 6 – 12, 2017

Day Movie Title (14 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Fifty Shades Darker Danny Elfman
David Buckley (additional music)
View 3 Albums
View 26 Songs
John Wick: Chapter 2 Tyler Bates
Joel J. Richard
View Album
View 9 Songs
The LEGO Batman Movie Lorne Balfe View 2 Albums
View 28 Songs
1 Night Sean Giddings
Don't Hang Up Aleksi Aubry-Carlson
Duckweed -
Havenhurst tomandandy
I Am Jane Doe -
Jolly LLB 2 Vishal Khurana View Album
Kedi Kira Fontana View Album
View 9 Songs
Running Wild Jamie Christopherson
Sex Doll -
Stray Bullets Jack Fessenden View Album
A United Kingdom Patrick Doyle View Album
View 9 Songs

February 13 – 19, 2017

Day Movie Title (16 total titles) Composer(s) Links
A Cure for Wellness Benjamin Wallfisch View Album
View 11 Songs
Fist Fight Dominic Lewis View 22 Songs
The Great Wall Ramin Djawadi
Brandon Campbell (additional music)
View 2 Albums
View 1 Song
American Fable Gingger Shankar
Sundar (additional music)
View 2 Songs
Everybody Loves Somebody Victor Hernandez Stumpfhauser
From Nowhere -
Ghost of New Orleans David Robbins
In Dubious Battle Hauschka
Irada Neeraj Shridhar
Keep Quiet Philip Sheppard
Land of Mine Sune Martin
Lovesong Johann Johannsson
My Name Is Emily Stephen McKeon
Runningshaadi.com Sandeep Madhavan
Anupam Roy
View Album
XX Carly Paradis
You're Killing Me Susana (Me Estas Matando Susana) Victor Hernandez Stumpfhauser

February 20 – 26, 2017

Day Movie Title (11 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Collide Ilan Eshkeri
Get Out Michael Abels
Tim Williams (additional music)
View 3 Songs
Rock Dog Rolfe Kent
Bitter Harvest Benjamin Wallfisch
Drifter Nao Sato
Dying Laughing Edward Shearmur
Fabricated City -
The Girl with All the Gifts Cristobal Tapia de Veer View Album
Pelle the Conqueror (Re-Release) Stefan Nilsson View Album
Tulip Fever Danny Elfman View Album
Year By The Sea Alexander Janko

Movie in bold are known nation-wide releases. All titles are grouped by week and day, then sorted alphabetically with wide releases shown first.

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