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September 29 – October 5, 2014

Day Recent Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
Transformers: Age of ExtinctionBlu-ray / DVD | DVDSteve Jablonsky
David Fleming (additional music)
Jacob Shea (additional music)
Joseph Trapanese (additional music)
Michael Yezerski (additional music)
Are You HereBlu-ray | DVDDavid Carbonara
ChefBlu-ray / DVD | DVDLyle Workman (additional music)
Cold in JulyBlu-ray | DVDJeff Grace
Decoding Annie ParkerBlu-ray | DVDSteven Bramson
HellionDVDCurtis Glenn Heath
Lucky ThemDVDCraig Wedren
Space Station 76DVDMarc Fantini
Steffan Fantini
Third PersonBlu-ray | DVDDario Marianelli

October 6 – 12, 2014

Day Recent Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
Edge of Tomorrow (Blu-ray 3D)Blu-ray / DVDChristophe Beck
Edge of TomorrowBlu-ray / DVD | DVDChristophe Beck
Million Dollar ArmBlu-ray | DVDA.R. Rahman
A Million Ways to Die in the WestBlu-ray / DVD | DVDJoel McNeely
4 Minute MileDVDStephen Barton
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of GodsBlu-ray / DVD | DVDNorihito Sumitomo
The Grand SeductionDVDMaxime Barzel
Paul-Etienne Cote
Francois-Pierre Lue
Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock HeartBlu-ray / DVD | DVDDionysos (songs)
The Obvious ChildBlu-ray | DVDChris Bordeaux
A People Uncounted: The Untold Story of the RomaDVDRobi Botos
Radio Free AlbemuthDVDRalph Grierson
Robyn Hitchcock
School DanceDVDGeoff Zanelli
Supermensch: The Legend of Shep GordonBlu-ray | DVD-
Tasting MenuBlu-ray | DVDStephen McKeon
To Be TakeiDVDMichael Hearst
Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
Sidewalk StoriesBlu-ray | DVDMarc Marder
TV Shows, Miniseries, or TV Movie Titles Formats Composers
Bates Motel (Season 2)Blu-ray | DVDChris P. Bacon
Sharknado 2: The Second OneBlu-ray | DVDChris Cano
Chris Ridenhour

October 13 – 19, 2014

Day Recent Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
X-Men: Days of Future Past (Blu-ray 3D)Blu-rayJohn Ottman
X-Men: Days of Future PastBlu-ray | DVDJohn Ottman
Whitey: United States of America vs. James J. BulgerBlu-ray | DVDWendy Blackstone
TV Shows, Miniseries, or TV Movie Titles Formats Composers
The Honorable Woman (The Honourable Woman)DVDMartin Phipps

October 20 – 26, 2014

Day Recent Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
Earth to EchoBlu-rayJoseph Trapanese
The Purge: AnarchyBlu-ray / DVD | DVDNathan Whitehead
Sex TapeBlu-ray | DVDMichael Andrews
The Fluffy MovieBlu-ray | DVD-
GabrielleDVDFrancois Lafontaine
The Last SentenceDVDGaute Storaas
A Letter to MomoDVDMina Kubota
Life After BethBlu-ray | DVDBRMC
The ScribblerBlu-ray | DVDAlec Puro
SnowpiercerBlu-ray | DVDMarco Beltrami

October 27 – November 2, 2014

Day Recent Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
America: Imagine the World Without HerBlu-ray | DVDBryan E. Miller
Deliver Us from EvilBlu-ray | DVDChristopher Young
Wish I Was HereBlu-ray / DVD | DVDRob Simonsen
Behaving BadlyDVDDavid Newman
Good PeopleBlu-ray | DVDNeil Davidge
Life of CrimeBlu-ray | DVDThe Newton Brothers
The Mystery of HappinessDVD-
PlasticDVDChad Hobson
The PrinceBlu-ray | DVDThe Newton Brothers
The ReckoningDVDThomas Rouch

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