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Anonimo Veneziano

Anonimo Veneziano

Digitmovies (DPDM013)

Release Date: February 11, 2014

Conducted by Stelvio Cipriani

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. THE ORIGINAL ALBUM: 01. Anonimo veneziano 1:56
2. ---tempo al tempo... 1:13
3. Maquillage 1:13
4. Laguna incantata 2:39
5. Noi, un tempo fa 1:17
6. Spruzzi d'acqua 1:26
7. Fine di una storia 1:33
8. Amore con pieta' 2:06
9. Ricordi intorno a noi 2:18
10. Dignita' 2:16
11. Un tempo bello 1:38
12. Adagio - dal concerto per oboe e orchestra d'archi in do minore 4:49
13. Incontro d'autunno 1:14
14. Come una volta 2:35
15. Pensieri del passato 1:19
16. Vicino a te 1:06
17. Broccati veneziani 2:47
18. Un giorno insieme 1:01
19. Vento caldo 1:29
20. FILM VERSIONS & ALTERNATE TAKES: Anonimo veneziano (titoli alternativi) 1:56
21. Un tempo bello 1:08
22. Noi, un tempo fa 1:14
23. Vento caldo 1:46
24. Un giorno insieme 1:43
25. Anonimo veneziano 1:44
26. Amore con pieta' 1:52
27. Anonimo veneziano 1:33
28. Fine di una storia 3:00
29. Broccati veneziani 2:47
30. Fine di una storia 2:07
31. Vicino a te 1:01
32. BONUS TRACKS: Anonimo veneziano (concert version) 5:55
33. Anonimo veneziano (Stelvio Cipriani's version - piano e tastiera) 5:48
34. Anonimo veneziano (messaggio di Stelvio Cipriani) 0:54
  Total Album Time: 70:23

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From the Manufacturer

Digitmovies is pleased to present, in de-luxe digipack edition, the OST by Stelvio Cipriani, complete and in full stereo, to the classic movie The Anonymous Venetian directed in 1970 by Enrico Maria Salerno.

For our new CD with a duration of 71:52 we used first-generation master tapes on a full stereo album and the original recording session and with the approval of the author it is divided into three sections: the first, containing the album of the era, the second, film versions and alternate takes published for the first time, and the third, two pieces of which the author took a new version for piano and keyboards. The disc closes with a nice audio message from the great composer to his fans in Italian and English. This CD wants to pay tribute to a cult film of international cinema and the fabulous music art of the legendary Cipriani.

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