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Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 219)

Release Date: November 13, 2012

Conducted by Henry Mancini

Format: CD

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1. Condorman Main Title 3:05
2. Eiffel Tower Flight 0:37
3. First Fight 0:48
4. It Was Nothing 1:52
5. Meet Laser Lady 1:18
6. The Gypsy 2:15
7. Free Single Woman 2:57
8. Attack Of The Prognoviach 5:14
9. Morovich Again 1:35
10. The Barn 1:03
11. Natalia's Theme 1:49
12. Morovich Presses 3:41
13. Welcome To The Matterhorn 1:53
14. Joy Ride 2:28
15. I'll Bring The Dip (Natalia's Rescue) 2:19
16. Bye-Bye Rolls 3:45
17. The Speed Boat Chase 2:03
18. More Speed Boat Chase 1:57
19. End Title 1:16
20. Theme From Condorman 1:35
21. EXTRAS: Mummy Tummy 3:06
22. Mummy Tummy (Alt.) 2:15
23. Belly Dance 2:56
24. Walk On Ice 0:48
25. Accordion Dance 1:49
26. Russian Party Dance 1:50
27. Son Of Russian Party Dance 2:55
28. Condorman Logo (Outtake) 0:32
  Total Album Time: 59:41

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From the Manufacturer

The 1981 Disney film Condorman features a tremendously energetic score by composer Henry Mancini—his first film for Disney. Mancini's Condorman theme is genuinely thrilling from the start, with its pulsating rhythms, syncopated stresses, and exuberant bridge passage. It's the musical equivalent of Condorman's boundless optimism: no matter how bad things get, he's ever ready to rush in and set things right.

The dynamic Condorman theme gets plenty of play in the score, covering wild car chases, staging explosive rescues, and ultimately soaring through the skies in a fully functional Condorman costume. For the evil Russian agents, Mancini provides a growling line with stepwise motion and a distinctly Slavic inflection. But the heart of both film and score is the character of Natalia, who winds up falling in love with her dashing rescuer. Mancini's sumptuous theme for Natalia is certainly among the loveliest romantic themes written for a comic adventure.

For this premiere release of Henry Mancini's dynamic score in vivid stereo, the Disney engineering crew made new digital transfers of the entire multi-track sessions for Intrada. Every session roll survived in beautiful condition, including the choral "Con-dor-maaaaan" overdub sessions held after the orchestra sessions had been completed. The entire score is presented on this CD, including full-length versions of cues as written and recorded by Mancini prior to the picture's post-production editing.

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