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Dveselu putenis (Blizzard of Souls)

Dveselu putenis (Blizzard of Souls)

Release Date: November 12, 2019

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Prelide (Prelude) (feat. State Choir Latvija & Maris Sirmais) 1:26
2. Dveselu Putenis - Sakuma Titri, 1. Dala (Blizzard Of Souls - Main Title, Pt.1) 1:24
3. Ritenis, Dveselu Putenis - Sakuma Titri, 2. Dala (Bicycle, Blizzard Of Souls - Main Title, Pt. 2) (feat. State Choir Latvija & Maris Sirmais) 3:16
4. Atstajot Majas (Leaving Home) 3:45
5. Mes Atri Atgriezisimies (Soon We Will Return) 1:21
6. Saules Stari (Sunbeams) 1:06
7. Migla (In The Fog) 5:03
8. Kritis Sloka (Fallen At Sloka) 1:40
9. Sapni (In A Dream) (feat. State Choir Latvija & Maris Sirmais) 1:02
10. Foto (Photo) 0:45
11. Atminas (Memories)
12. Caur Smilgam (Through The Tall Grass) 2:20
13. Mans De ls (My Son) 0:53
14. Arturs Ierauga Tevu (Arturs Spots His Father) 2:01
15. Kur Ir Tevs? (Where Is Father?) 0:49
16. Neatnaca Uz Nomainu (Did Not Return) 2:02
17. Ar Godu (With Honor) 0:47
18. Ziemsveku Kauja (Christmas Battle) (feat. State Choir Latvija & Māris Sirmais) 1:38
19. Visi Kajas! (Everyone On Your Feet!) 1:08
20. Bralis Kritis (My Brother Has Fallen) 3:47
21. Marta 1:11
22. Mikelsons, Konrads 2:38
23. Marta & Arturs 2:29
24. Mila Plava (Love In The Field) 1:08
25. Kartupeli (Planting Potatoes) 1:32
26. Paslepies (Hide) 3:21
27. Celmala (On The Side Of The Road) 3:32
28. Uzbrukums (Attack) 2:15
29. Sapni Vel Dziljaka (In A Deeper Dream) (feat. State Choir Latvija & Māris Sirmais) 2:25
30. Arturs Ir Pieaudzis (Arturs Has Grown Up) 2:38
31. Arturs Sniega (Arturs In The Snow) 3:09
32. Tevzemei (For My Fatherland) 2:27
33. Lugšana: Dodi Mieru Musu Brajliem (Prayer: Grant Peace To Our Fallen Brothers) (feat. State Choir Latvija & Maris Sirmais) 3:25
34. Dveseju Putenis, Beigu Titri (Blizzard Of Souls End Credits) (feat. State Choir Latvija & Maris Sirmais) 3:20
  Total Album Time: 71:43

From the Manufacturer

Dveselu putenis / Blizzard of Souls is a powerful film directed by Dzintars Dreibergs and produced by Inga Pranevska. It is the story of a sixteen-year-old Arturs, who enlists to fight in First World War with dreams of becoming a hero, but after surviving the brutalities of trench warfare and the loss of his family, he wonders if his efforts in battle were futile and if hope is only to be found in rebuilding a family and a home - as Latvia itself is born from the atrocities of war. Acclaimed composer Lolita Ritmanisp[[ recorded the score in Riga, Latvia - the birthplace of her parents. The composer assembled a 60 piece orchestra and 50 voice choir, and recorded the score at Latvia Radio 1.Studio, in the heart of old town Riga. The score is 1hour and 9 minutes in length. The album is produced by Mark Mattson and Lolita Ritmanis and the composer conducted musicians from several Symphony orchestras in Latvia.

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