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First Blood - Complete Soundtrack

First Blood - Complete Soundtrack

Intrada (MAF 7111)

Release Date: November 22, 2010

Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

Performed by
National Philharmonic Orchestra

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: Complete Original Soundtrack
1. Theme From First Blood (Pop Orchestra Version) 4:10
2. Home Coming 2:25
3. My Town 1:02
4. Under Arrest 0:48
5. The Razor 2:39
6. A Head Start 1:06
7. Hanging On 2:06
8. Over The Cliff 1:28
9. A Stitch In Time 1:02
10. Mountain Hunt 4:56
11. No Truce 0:43
12. First Blood 4:49
13. The Tunnel 3:28
14. Escape Route 2:41
15. The Truck 1:02
16. No Power / Night Attack 2:51
17. Hide And Seek 1:00
18. It's A Long Road (Instrumental) 3:27
19. It's A Long Road (Theme From First Blood) 3:24
  Disc Time: 45:07
Disc 2: Original 1982 Soundtrack Album
1. ORIGINAL 1982 SOUNDTRACK ALBUM: It's A Long Road (Theme From First Blood) 3:25
2. Escape Route 2:40
3. First Blood 4:39
4. The Tunnel 4:04
5. Hanging On 3:29
6. Home Coming 2:24
7. Mountain Hunt 6:05
8. My Town 1:58
9. The Razor 3:10
10. Over The Cliff 2:05
11. It's A Long Road (Instrumental) 3:00
12. THE EXTRAS: It's A Long Road (Recording Session Piano / Vocal Demo) 3:21
13. Carolco Logo 0:20
14. Rambo (Special Summer 1984 Trailer) 1:17
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

Home at last! 2-CD world premiere of complete Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack for megahit Ted Kotcheff action movie where Sylvester Stallone first introduces iconic Rambo character to moviegoers and legendary composer first unleases landmark action music to listeners.

Hear First Blood like never before, complete and from multi-track masters for the first time! Many years ago Intrada presented score as it's very first limited edition CD, drawn from original 1982 1/4" two-track stereo LP masters with one additional track courtesy Goldsmith and engineer Len Engel. Tapes were processed with less-than-satisfying noise reduction to compensate for problems inherent with incorrect Dolby-encoding of 1/4" masters. Subsequent Varese Sarabande label CD used same master for its version.

Now, back at home on Intrada, First Blood finally appears in complete fashion with best audio ever! Goldsmith prepared terrific album in 1982 but resequenced entire program, edited numerous important bars of music to allow assemblies with other cues. Thanks to discovery of actual pristine condition 1/2" three-track stereo session elements made in London, Intrada presents entire score in sequence, restores all edits, allows magnificent music to unfold in sequence originally written.

But there's more! Goldsmith recorded three different endings so producers could determine which way to go for closing credits. Familiar Dan Hill vocal version (the final choice) was actually preceeded in sessions by also-familiar but not-used orchestral version (It's A Long Road Instrumental). But multi-track masters revealed rare "pop" orchestral arrangement by Arthur Morton, conducted by Goldsmith with full National Philharmonic playing famous theme replete with additional pop rhythm feel. Neat arrangement! (Hear this track as start to complete score on CD 1.)

And there's still more! Entire original 1982 album with unique edits and assemblies by Goldsmith appears here on CD 2, completely remastered from multi-tracks. Still more extras include equally rare "demo" version of theme made by composer and lyricist Hal Shaper to audition song prior to recording with Hill plus stereo presentation of Carolco logo, composed by Goldsmith for international presentations of film and subsequent productions. And one last - and very rare - musical treat! After success of initial film, sequel went into production for 1985. But full year before, Goldsmith composed & conducted magnificent version of theme (with Bruce Botnick engineering no less) in spectacular new arrangement composed exclusively for special summer '84 trailer. Powerhouse cue appears for first time anywhere as finish to CD 2, presented from 1/2" three-track stereo masters made by Botnick.

Finally, in honor of Intrada's 25th Anniversary, notes by Douglass Fake offer brief journey down memory lane with emphasis on Goldsmith and importance of this particular score to label's history. Great value: all of this is yours for the price of a single CD! Jerry Goldsmith conducts National Philharmonic Orchestra.

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