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Limited Edition of 1,000 Copies

Music Box Records (MBR-035)

Release Date: November 2013

Conducted by John Williams

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. ORIGINAL ALBUM (STEREO): Overture 3:57
2. Make Me Rainbows (Instrumental) 3:09
3. Fitzwilly's Date 3:40
4. Lefty Louie's Love Life 2:49
5. The Gimbel's Robbery 3:53
6. Make Me Rainbows (Vocal) 3:04
7. The Xerox Crisis 1:25
8. Samson And Delilah 2:20
9. More Theft 2:28
10. Juliet's Discovery 2:15
11. End Titles 2:07
12. FILM RECORDING (MONO): Main Title 3:57
13. Theft / More Theft 5:24
14. You're Hired, Miss Nowell 1:18
15. Buckmaster And Albert 1:35
16. A Fresh Attitude 1:08
17. Piano Caper / Steinway / Boogie Woogie 1:48
18. Xerox Crisis 2:15
19. Phoney Pastor 1:18
20. Pickpocket 2:48
21. Sportsman's Robbery 1:49
22. Juliet's Suspicion 1:47
23. Samson And Delilah 1:33
24. Make Me Rainbows 3:56
25. Doorstep Stuff 1:04
26. Juliet's Discovery 2:07
27. Lefty Louie's Love Life 2:49
28. Money Plan 1:19
29. Within Earshot 0:46
30. Gimbel's Robbery 2:24
31. End Title 2:32
32. BONUS TRACK: Make Me Rainbows (vocal, alternate ending) 2:53
  Total Album Time: 77:37

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From the Manufacturer

Music Box Records is proud to present one of its most ambitious releases yet—a classic John Williams score from the last ever film that credited him as Johnny!

John Williams' enchanting score is built around two key themes: Fitzwilly's pompous march which offers a comedic underscoring of the scheming butler running his usual errands to make enough money for keeping up the lie. The other theme is the love theme, the basis of the song "Make Me Rainbows" co-written with Alan and Marilyn Bergman. The rest of Williams' score projects his usual 60s comedy charm (his caper comedies Penelope and How to Steal a Million are good indicators of what to expect here), but the suspense material for Barbara Felton's investigation predates similar tense moments from the composer's Indiana Jones scores!

The original soundtrack album to Fitzwilly (actually a re-recording) was released by United Artists on LP and the same tracks were issued in 2004 by Varese Sarabande. The out-of-print CD has since become a sought after collector's item, so we decided to revisit the classic title and put our own spin on it.

In addition to the classic LP program, we also gained access to the monaural music stem of the complete soundtrack, courtesy of MGM—including an isolated score. While the quality of this stem is far from perfect, it is the only available source to hear John Williams' complete score for the first time.

This archival expansion of this classic title falls in line with other recent classic releases which used similar sources as our release of Fitzwilly. With the help of our engineer, we did our best to fix the fluctuating volume levels and remove the low-level dialogue that may occasionally bleed over from the film's audio masters. As such, we kindly ask you to listen to our samples and make a decision on the quality yourself.

This classic LP-program and the archival presentation of the complete score on the same disc offers a rare opportunity to hear a lesser-known Williams title in two different presentations. The handsome package is rounded out by 12-page liner notes with Gergely Hubai sharing his comments about the film and the score.

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