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Milan Records

Release Date: February 21, 2012

Performed by
The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra - IBA

Formats: CD, Digital

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Track Listing

1. Opening Titles 1:21
2. Night Walk 1:40
3. Eliezer Footnotes Part 1 1:31
4. Eliezer Footnotes Part 2 2:20
5. Uriel Footnotes 2:12
6. Professor Shkolnik's Happiest Day Part 1 1:19
7. Professor Shkolnik's Happiest Day Part 2 2:42
8. Sharing 3:01
9. Post Committee 2:10
10. Suspicion 2:01
11. Conclusion Part 1 3:13
12. Conclusion Part 2 0:59
13. The Ceremony 3:00
14. Waltzer (Bonus Track) 4:12
  Total Album Time: 31:41

From the Manufacturer

Footnote is the tale of a great rivalry between a father and son. Eliezer and Uriel Shkolnik are both eccentric professors, who have dedicated their lives to their work in Talmudic Studies. The father, Eliezer, is a stubborn purist who fears the establishment and has never been recognized for his work. While his son, Uriel, is an up-and-coming star in the field, who appears to feed on accolades, endlessly seeking recognition.

Then one day, the tables turn. When Eliezer learns that he is to be awarded the Israel Prize, the most valuable honor for scholarship in the country, his vanity and desperate need for validation are exposed. His son Uriel, meanwhile, is thrilled to see his father's achievements finally recognized but, in a darkly funny twist, is forced to choose between the advancement of his own career and his father's.

The music composed by Amit Poznansky is never in the background. It is a character in the film, or, to some extent, it is the character of the film: meticulously orchestrated, unapologetic and unsentimental, carefully balancing two opposite forces in the story, and in nature harmony and cacophony. The harshness of Eliezer and then the forgiving softness of Uriel; these two forces fight with each other, they clash, but ultimately blend into a beautiful musical reflection of all the complexities in the story.

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