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Fun Home - Original Cast

Fun Home - Original Cast

PS Classics

Release Date: February 25, 2014

Formats: CD, Digital

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1. It All Comes Back (Opening) (Sydney Lucas, Michael Cerveris, Beth Malone & Fun Home Company) 5:05
2. Sometimes My Father Appeared to Enjoy Having Children... (Beth Malone, Michael Cerveris & Judy Kuhn) 0:36
3. Welcome to Our House on Maple Avenue (Judy Kuhn, Beth Malone, Sydney Lucas, Griffin Birney, Noah Hinsdale, Michael Cerveris & Joel Perez) 4:31
4. Not Too Bad (Alexandra Socha) 0:34
5. Just Had a Good Talk with Dad... (Beth Malone, Alexandra Socha, Michael Cerveris, Joel Perez, Sydney Lucas, Noah Hinsdale & Griffin Birney) 1:49
6. Come to the Fun Home (Noah Hinsdale, Griffin Birney & Sydney Lucas) 2:56
7. Helen's Etude (Beth Malone, Joel Perez, Michael Cerveris, Sydney Lucas, Judy Kuhn, Noah Hinsdale, Griffin Birney & Alexandra Socha) 3:39
8. Thanks for the Care Package... (Alexandra Socha, Roberta Colindrez, Sydney Lucas & Michael Cerveris) 4:00
9. Al for Short (Sydney Lucas) 1:55
10. Changing My Major (Alexandra Socha) 4:27
11. I Leapt out of the Closet... (Beth Malone, Sydney Lucas, Michael Cerveris & Judy Kuhn) 2:46
12. Maps (Beth Malone) 2:32
13. Read a Book... (Michael Cerveris, Sydney Lucas, Beth Malone & Judy Kuhn) 0:46
14. Raincoat of Love (Joel Perez & Fun Home Company) 2:01
15. I Need More Coffee... (Beth Malone, Michael Cerveris & Sydney Lucas) 0:41
16. Ring of Keys (Sydney Lucas & Beth Malone) 3:07
17. Let Me Introduce You to My Gay Dad... (Roberta Colindrez, Alexandra Socha, Beth Malone, Michael Cerveris & Judy Kuhn) 3:17
18. Shortly After We Were Married... (Judy Kuhn & Alexandra Socha) 0:52
19. Days and Days (Judy Kuhn) 3:28
20. You Ready to Go for That Drive?... (Michael Cerveris & Beth Malone) 0:41
21. Telephone Wire (Beth Malone & Michael Cerveris) 4:27
22. It Was Great to Have You Home... (Michael Cerveris & Beth Malone) 0:51
23. Edges of the World (Michael Cerveris) 3:22
24. This Is What I Have of You... (Beth Malone) 1:44
25. Flying Away (Finale) (Beth Malone, Alexandra Socha & Sydney Lucas) 3:34
  Total Album Time: 63:41

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