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Good Morning Vietnam / Operation Dumbo Drop

Good Morning Vietnam / Operation Dumbo Drop

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 384)

Release Date: July 11, 2017

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM: Levitan Sign On (Alternate No. 3)* 0:16
2. Jimmy Wah's Bombing 1:26
3. Village 3:51
4. Levitan Sign On* 0:10
5. Goodbye To Troops* 1:11
6. Jungle 0:33
7. Goodbye To Troops (Alternate)** 1:11
8. Levitan Sign On (Alternate No. 1) 0:10
9. Chasing Tuan 2:27
10. Troops Arriving 1:04
11. Levitan Sign On (Alternate No. 2)* 0:09
12. Goodbye Tuan 0:59
13. End Credits 2:42
14. THE EXTRAS: Chaplain's Music 0:31
15. Like Tweet No. 1* 0:10
16. Like Tweet No. 2* 0:07
17. Like Tweet No. 3 0:08
18. OPERATION DUMBO DROP: Opening 2:04
19. Chopper Ride 1:18
20. Starting The Journey 1:30
21. Bo-Tat Enters Plane 1:20
22. Cahill's Plans/Bo-Tat Wakes Up 3:21
23. Bo-Tat Runs/In The Jungle 2:46
24. Smart Ass/Banana Chase 1:44
25. Get Away 1:21
26. River Fight/The Watch 4:15
27. Cahill And Lihn/The Temple 6:10
28. Cowboy And Elephant Part 2/Trusting Lihn 1:25
29. Preparation For Operation 3:01
30. You Lie, You Lie 0:31
31. The Jump 8:13
32. The Ceremony/Cahill And Lihn Again/Farewell 4:05
33. End Credits 4:02
  Total Album Time: 64:11

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Track Listing Legend:
*Not Featured in Film
*Includes Music Not Featured in Film

Intrada's latest release features two scores from the Disney catalog, both from films set in Vietnam. Good Morning, Vietnam was inspired by the story of wartime radio deejay Adrian Cronauer. For the film, Alex North composed a sparse score, with the first half of the film playing virtually without underscore, relying on popular music from Army radio broadcasts. North's music explores Cronauer's dawning awareness of the reality of life in a war zone, beginning with the slow march of despair that follows a bombing. Throughout the score, harpsichord suggests the vestiges of an older, more refined world being displaced by violence. The dissonance becomes more pronounced during a near-fatal jungle encounter with the Viet Cong, and stygian contrabassoon vividly colors the jungle pursuit towards the end of the film. Warmer and more melodic passages underscore Cronauer's deepening emotional attachments, but even these are notable for their harmonic complexity. Fans of North will no doubt recognize the abundance of North trademarks in this brief score.

For 1995's Operation Dumbo Drop, composer David Newman composed one of his finest works. Originally released on Hollywood Records with 25 minutes of score plus vocals, Intrada's release contains some 48 minutes of score. Newman's main theme is a formidable presence, with powerful orchestra that showcases the brass section. While a lush symphonic sound dominates, the score features a varied mix of styles and tones. Synthesizers add color and verve, and rock-and-roll elements occasionally surge to the fore. Rollicking passages of action and adventure characterize many of the cues, but for those moments involving a young boy's special bond with the signature elephant, Newman uses ethereal textures to create an atmosphere of mysticism.

Both scores are released with the cooperation of Disney Enterprises and Universal Music Group. While Good Morning, Vietnam is complete, Operation Dumbo Drop posed a unique challenge in locating and assembling the complete score. As a result, this greatly expanded release contains all of the key set pieces and important moments in the score, but is not the complete soundtrack. Nonetheless, this duo from two master composers provides nearly 70 minutes of a thrilling listen.

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