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Gotham: Season 3

Gotham: Season 3

Release Date: May 23, 2020

Format: Digital

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1. Training Continues (Better to Reign in Hell) 1:54
2. Bruce Finds His Path (Heavydirtysoul) 1:03
3. Riddler Gets Cocky (How Riddler Got His Name) 1:49
4. The Mad Hatter (Better to Reign in Hell) 2:42
5. Penguin in Love (Anything for You) 1:23
6. Discover Jerome's Body (Smile Like You Mean It) 2:00
7. Bruce Battles Jerome in the Mirror Maze (Gentle Art of Making Enemies) 3:11
8. Virus Bomb Detonates (Pretty Hate Machine) 2:57
9. There Is No Love Without Pain (Destiny Calling) 1:57
10. Bruce's Doppelgänger (Better to Reign in Hell) 2:23
11. Penguin's Victory Motorcade (Anything for You) 1:01
12. Bruce & Selina Steal the Crystal Owl (Beware the Green Eyed Monster) 3:59
13. Selina Kisses Bruce (Anything for You) 1:29
14. Court of Owls (Better to Reign in Hell) 2:03
15. Bruce Discovers Ra's Al Ghul's Lair (Destiny Calling) 3:45
16. Lee Infected with the Tetch Virus (Pretty Hate Machine) 1:41
17. Selina Pushed out a Window (The Primal Riddle) 2:59
18. Fish Mooney Returns (Pretty Hate Machine) 2:11
19. Riddler Shoots Penguin (Gentle Art of Making Enemies) 1:34
20. Bruce's True Feelings for Selina (Better to Reign in Hell) 2:35
21. Ivy Cures Selina (Light the Wick) 2:22
22. The Secrets of Wayne Manor (Better to Reign in Hell) 1:54
23. The Protector. Gordon Joins Court of Owls (These Delicate & Dark Obsessions) 2:19
24. Penguin in Trouble...Again (Gentle Art of Making Enemies) 2:01
25. Sirens Start Some Trouble (Destiny Calling) 0:57
26. We Are All Jerome (Smile Like You Mean It) 2:03
27. Ivy Uses Her Talents (The Executioner) 2:33
28. Bruce Vows Not to Kill (Gentle Art of Making Enemies) 1:46
29. Bruce Stabs Alfred (Destiny Calling) 4:16
30. He Will Become the Protector (Destiny Calling) 1:58
  Total Album Time: 66:45

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