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Hidden Medicine

Hidden Medicine

Eagle Thunder Records

Release Date: 2000

Performed by
Red Thunder

Format: CD

Music By

Track Listing

1. Feel the Wind Blow
2. Sacred Circle
3. Agenda 21
4. Lakota Winyan
5. Purple Flower
6. Dream Catcher
7. Touch Your Beauty
8. Lonesome River
9. Roots of Peace
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Review: Hidden Medicine

by Dan Goldwasser February 7, 2000
3.5 / 5 Stars

Native Americans have always had a strong voice when it came to protecting the environment. So when a bill came down through Congress that would help stop the depletion of the remaining virgin forests in the United States, songwriter (and Native American) Robby Romero decided to take action. He directed a documentary film (which has been playing on the Sundance Channel) called Hidden Medicine, and he wrote the songs for the film with his band, Red Thunder.

The songs, which pretty much comprise the bulk of the album, are upbeat, and enjoyable to listen to. Romero has a great-restrained passion about his performance, and the lyrics are all geared (as expected) towards the subject matter of the films. "Sacred Circle" is about the cyclical relationship between nature and man. "Dream Catchers" is pretty much about hope for the future, and "Lonesome River" is a great ballad with a really well done saxophone solo,

There are three "traditional" cues of score on the album. "Feel the Wind Blow", "Purple Flower", and "Roots of Peace" are all done in the Native American styling, complete with chanting, percussion, and other ethnic instruments. The album runs about 30 minutes long, and was quite enjoyable to listen to. It can be purchased online from and a portion of the proceeds goes to a charity for the protection of the forests. I think it's well worth looking into.

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