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I Senza Dio / ...E Intorno a Lui Fu Morte

I Senza Dio / ...E Intorno a Lui Fu Morte


Release Date: July 3, 2012

Conducted by Carlo Savina

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. I SENZA DIO: Seq. 1 2:10
2. Seq. 2 2:10
3. Seq. 3 2:27
4. Seq. 4 1:55
5. Seq. 5 3:13
6. Seq. 6 3:27
7. Seq. 7 1:53
8. Seq. 8 1:09
9. Seq. 9 1:25
10. Seq. 10 2:22
11. Seq. 11 1:06
12. Seq. 12 1:44
13. Seq. 13 2:47
14. Seq. 14 2:38
15. Seq. 15 2:20
16. Seq. 16 1:56
17. Seq. 17 2:02
18. . . . E INTORNO A LUI FU LA MORTE: Seq. 1 1:58
19. Seq. 2 2:46
20. Seq. 3 1:48
21. Seq. 4 2:24
22. Seq. 5 3:25
  Total Album Time: 49:05

From the Manufacturer

Digitmovies newly explores the hot territories of the Italian Western by issuing for the first time on CD the OST by Carlo Savina from the movies I Senza Dio and . . . E Intorno a lui Fu Morte. For this CD we have used the mono master tapes of the original session of I Senza Dio for the whole OST recording. Carlo Savina has employed an orchestra with brass, woodwinds, percussion ,electric guitars, bass, keyboards, harp and vibraphone excluding the strings. This OST features a catchy and recurrent rhythmic main theme, epic and adventurous, which gets introduced in Titoli di testa (Tr.1) and is reprised in Tr.6, Tr.8, Tr.10, Tr.14, Tr.15,Tr.17, alternated with mysterious, almost psychedelic passages (Tr.3, Tr.5,Tr.16), country music (Tr.7) and saloon music (Tr.12).

Our CD is enriched with the surviving mono elements (about 12:21) from . . . E Intorno a Lui Fu Morte, properly restored and remastered in digital. For this OST Savina has written another particularly catchy motif with an epic flavour for trumpet, bass guitar,organ and strings (Tr.18 and then reprised in the second part of Tr.22). For the dramatic side of the plot Savina has utilized a symphonic orchestra and choir which play sometimes tragic and sacred music in Tr.19 and in Tr.22, sometimes dramatic and epic music (Tr.21), alternated with a lively Mexican Mariachi, a piece for trumpet where the bass guitar beat rhythm conveys a certain modern flavour typical of the dance floor tunes of that era in which the movie was made (Tr.20).

Another proper rescue and preservation which pays tribute to the Italian Western genre and the music art of the great Carlo Savina, a composer whose discography is recently growing in numbers thanks to discoveries and re-discoveries of his rich filmography.

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