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Jerry Goldsmith at The General Electric Theater

Jerry Goldsmith at The General Electric Theater

Intrada (INT 7179)

Release Date: July 9, 2024

Conducted by Leigh Phillips

Performed by
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. HITLER'S SECRET: The Beginning/The Plan/The Visit 1:49
2. Sick Man/Papa's Orders/The Truth 2:32
3. The True Son/Secrets/False Witness 2:59
4. The Arrest/The Lie 1:24
5. End Credits 0:47
6. THE LAST DANCE: Newlyweds 0:56
7. Problems/Burnt Shirt 2:50
8. New Dress/Phone Call/For Better or Worse 2:46
9. Good Mother/End Credits 1:55
10. SARAH'S LAUGHTER: Main Title 1:18
11. Baby Book/Caught in the Act 1:55
12. The Getaway/Birthday Present/Waiting 3:15
13. The Decision/New Child/End Credits 3:31
14. THE COMMITTEEMAN: Main Title 0:53
15. The Prediction/The Victor/The Dark Room 2:03
16. The Ring 1:53
17. The Poster/The Election 1:13
18. The Boy 2:05
19. The Big Man 0:23
20. End Credits 0:47
21. THE LEGEND THAT WALKS LIKE A MAN: Main Title/Neglected Genius 2:31
22. Here You Are/The Convincer/Unduly Generous 1:51
23. Image of Desire 1:08
24. That's a Wrap/The Legend & The Man 1:35
25. End Credits 1:21
26. MY DARK DAYS: Intro/Prelude 0:46
27. Flashback/Early Days 1:45
28. Join Us 1:39
29. Recess 1:06
30. Bumper/The Visitor 0:35
31. The Jumper 2:05
32. Exit Flashback/Let's Go Home 0:46
33. Aftermath/Ashamed 1:07
34. Bullies/Something Unpleasant/The Window 2:01
35. Why/Breaking Point/The Door 1:40
36. Reconciliation 0:16
37. End Credits 1:08
39. The Listener/Date/Forgive Me/Bumper 2:01
40. Teach Me/Lessons 2:56
41. Goodbye/The Request/End Credits 3:17
42. AUTUMN LOVE: Part 1 0:48
43. Part 2 1:35
44. Part 3 1:43
45. Part 4 1:39
46. Part 5 1:34
47. Part 6 1:16
48. Part 7 0:33
  Total Album Time: 79:08

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From the Manufacturer

Intrada announces the CD release of Jerry Goldsmith's music composed for The General Electric Theater, previously recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and reconstructed and conducted by Leigh Phillips. Phillips spearheaded several Kickstarter campaigns to fund the recording of these scores for digital release. Now Intrada presents these recordings on compact disc.

The General Electric Theater was the longest running anthology TV series at ten seasons, largely featuring scores by Elmer Bernstein (featured on a previous Intrada release). Until Phillips had recorded the Goldsmith scores, they had never been available. While it is difficult to confirm how many scores Goldsmith composed for the series, his earliest is Hitler's Secret dating back to 1959, with the latest being The Bar Mitzvah of Major Orlovsky from 1962. This new album consists of some scores that survived in written form and others that Leigh Phillips was able to reconstruct by ear using the episode audio.

This set includes the following episodes:
Hitler's Secret.
The Last Dance
Sarah's Laughter
The Committeeman
The Legend That Walks Like a Man
My Dark Days
The Bar Mitzvah of Major Orlovsky
Also included is Autumn Love, a suite composed for the CBS music library.

The General Electric Theater aired from 1953 to 1962. Hosted by Ronald Reagan for much of its run, the show featured a wide range of dramatic and comedic stories, often showcasing well-known actors of the time. Each episode was a standalone story, covering themes from suspense to romance, and sometimes included adaptations of famous literary works. The series was notable for its high production values and contributions from prominent directors and writers, making it a significant part of television history during the 1950s and early 1960s.

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