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Le Dernier metro / La Femme d'a cote / Vivement dimanche!

Le Dernier metro / La Femme d'a cote / Vivement dimanche!

Limited Edition of 1,000 Units

Music Box Records (MBR-170)

Release Date: December 2, 2019

Format: CD

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Disc 1: Le Dernier metro / La Femme d'a cote / Vivement dimanche!
1. LE DERNIER MÉTRO: Générique 2:05
2. Paris sous l'Occupation 1:23
3. À la Propagandastaffel 0:59
4. Marion et Lucas 0:57
5. Arrivée de Daxiat 1:43
6. L'hôpital 0:34
7. Marion et son secret 1:59
8. Marion dans sa chambre / Départ de Nadine et Bernard / Nadine et Bernard 1:56
9. Épilogue 2:50
10. Générique de fin 2:05
11. LA FEMME D'À CÔTÉ: Générique début 2:14
12. Mathilde à sa fenêtre** 1:02
13. La jalousie** 1:40
14. Évanouissement au parking 0:55
15. Le secret de Madame Jouve 2:46
16. Garden-party 3:05
17. Rendez-vous à l'hôtel 0:31
18. L'amour dans la voiture 2:07
19. Bernard à sa fenêtre** 0:54
20. La violence de Bernard 0:35
21. Mathilde dans la nuit 0:42
22. La baleine qui pleure 0:35
23. Mathilde s'effondre 1:33
24. Ni avec toi, ni sans toi 3:36
25. Épilogue 3:59
  Disc Time: 42:45
Disc 2: Le Dernier metro / La Femme d'a cote / Vivement dimanche!
1. VIVEMENT DIMANCHE !: Ah! Barbara (Générique début) 1:01
2. La mort de Massoulier 0:56
3. Une voix anonyme** 1:09
4. Intimité troublée / Marie-Christine provocante** 3:02
5. Assassinat de Madame V. 1:47
6. Barbara se souvient 1:10
7. Allons voir Nice ! 1:22
8. La découverte de Barbara** 1:37
9. Les couloirs de l'hôtel 1:11
10. Barbara s'est endormie 1:11
11. L'homme mystérieux / L'embarquement pour civière / Un étrange client 1:58
12. La voix anonyme infatigable 1:19
13. Les photos* 1:23
14. Barbara à l'Eden 2:00
15. Java de la rue chaude 2:27
16. Barbara mène l'enquête 0:52
17. La fuite de Julien et Barbara 1:22
18. On retrouve l'étrange client 4:02
19. Les jambes des femmes 1:49
20. L'enterrement de Massoulier 1:02
21. Barbara dans la rue chaude 2:47
22. Barbara espionne Louison* 1:29
23. Tango de la rue chaude 1:46
24. Mort de Louison 1:37
25. Le couteau dans le dos* 1:07
26. Julien et Barbara 1:26
27. Le piège se referme 1:14
28. Le mystère éclairci 1:07
29. Le suicide du bavard 1:21
30. Générique de fin 2:10
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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Track Listing Legend:
* previously unreleased
** contains unreleased material

In collaboration with Free Demo and Colette Delerue, Music Box Records proudly presents a 2-CD edition of three complete scores which highlight the collaboration between composer Georges Delerue and director François Truffaut on his three last films: Le Dernier métro (The Last Metro, 1980), La Femme d'à côté (The Woman Next Door, 1982) and Vivement dimanche ! (Confidentially Yours, 1983).

These scores are evidence of the perfect artistic alchemy that existed between the two men. For The Last Metro, the main theme is an ample Viennese-style waltz with a nostalgic vibe. The two other themes, filled with tension and disquiet, are associated with the nocturnal and gloomy wartime life in Paris and the scenes with the German soldiers. Although relatively scarcely present, Georges Delerue's music for The Last Metro is very powerful, and earned him his third César Award. For the more intimate The Woman Next Door, Georges Delerue composed a romantic and tormented score, expressing the main protagonists' forbidden feelings. Confidentially Yours, adapted from Charles Williams's novel, is a glowing tribute to the American detective stories. With its pizzicato strings, its flutes and its oboes, the opening credits theme gives an old-fashioned style to the beginning of the film, as though the music was trying to show that, in spite of all its murders, this movie is essentially a comedy film.

Supervised and restored by Christophe Hénault, the three scores have been carefully remastered with much improved sound over previous releases. This newly remastered reissue of The Last Metro features the same content as the original vinyl and CD presentations without the songs. The expanded score for The Woman Next Door has been fully remastered from original multi-track masters for dynamic, crystal clear audio and includes previously unreleased tracks. Confidentially Yours has also been transferred from the complete session elements, including previously unreleased cues. The CD comes with a 12-page booklet with liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer, discussing the films and the scores. The release is limited to 1000 units.

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