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Limited Edition

Saimel Ediciones

Release Date: January 31, 2015

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Main Title - Count Dino della Fiaba 7:16
2. The Rich Old Ladies - The Marquise Appears 2:29
3. The Pawnbroker 0:29
4. Walking Along the Harbor 1:45
5. Stolen Flowers 0:48
6. Dino and Maria Meet Again 1:40
7. Seq. 7-1 0:38
8. On the Balcony - The American Tourists on their Yacht 2:16
9. Arrival of the Americans 2:48
10. Touring Around with the Americans 3:41
11. Romance at Night 2:47
12. Homer and the Marquise 1:24
13. Jane Courts Count Dino 2:19
14. Seq. 22-1 1:50
15. Seq. 24-4 1:10
16. Seq. 26-0 0:46
17. Farewell and Reunion 4:58
18. BONUS TRACKS: Seq. 3-3 1:33
19. Seq. 16-2 2:49
20. Alternate Main Title 2:47
21. Back Home Again in Indiana (Chorus Intro) 0:39
22. Back Home Again in Indiana 1:02
23. Les Jeux sont faits (composed by Michel Emer) 2:57
24. Les Jeux sont faits (Piano Version) (composed by Michel Emer) 2:22
25. In the Resturaunt 4:02
26. Serenade (Violin Version) 0:57
27. Serenade (Piano Version) 0:29
28. Barcarole (Violin Version) 1:05
29. Out of Nowhere I 1:22
30. Out of Nowhere II 1:23
  Total Album Time: 62:31

From the Manufacturer

We are particularly proud to present on this CD the world premiere release of Renzo Rossellini's complete original score for Montecarlo.

Renzo Rossellini's lovely romantic score has a few stylistic similarities with some Max Steiner and Alfred Newman compositions within the same genre, is a fine example of his tasteful elegance, his masterful handling of the traditional symphony orchestra and his melodic lyricism. Particularly enchanting are the intimate love scenes which take place mostly at night and are delicately underscore.

Besides these romantic tracks there are also a few comical interludes which are imaginatively scored. In addition to Rossellini's orchestral underscore, the film also contains a lot of source music which is played in the restaurant and the casino or as a serenade on piano or violin. Besides, there are also the two Marlene Dietrich songs "Back Home Again in Indiana" and "Les jeux sont faits" (This one was especially composed for the movie by Michel Emer).

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