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Mystery Men - Original Score

Mystery Men - Original Score

Limited Edition of 3,000 Units

La-La Land Records (LLLCD1530)

Release Date: April 30, 2020

Formats: CD, Digital

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Disc 1: Music by Stephen Warbeck
1. Mystery Men Opening 1:13
2. Mystery Men Arrive 3:19
3. The Battles We Used To Have 1:59
4. Inside The Asylum 2:10
5. Arrival Of Disco Boys 0:42
6. Anabel And The Explosion 2:55
7. Furious And Sally 1:56
8. Meet The Sphinx 1:02
9. Spleen 2:02
10. Car Chase 4:15
11. Sphinx Master Class 1:58
12. Heller 2:16
13. Monica And Roy 1:03
14. Frakulated 3:42
15. Casanova Has A Setback 3:49
16. Roy 3:35
17. Casanova's Battle Plan 2:05
18. Vaya Con Dios 2:48
19. Blame Thrower 4:53
20. Casanova's Last Stand 4:54
21. Escape From The Mansion 2:29
22. Victory 2:40
23. Inside The Asylum (Alternate) 2:10
24. Victory (Alternate) 2:29
  Disc Time: 62:24
Disc 2: Additional Music by Shirley Walker
1. Mystery Men Opening* 1:12
2. Red Eyes Attack 2:42
3. Captain Amazing* 0:40
4. A Good Husband 1:06
5. Casanova's Snare* 1:01
6. Psychofrakulator 2:13
7. The Invisible Boy's Dream 1:12
8. Car Fight 3:01
9. Shoveler's Encouragement 2:45
10. The Forks* 2:43
11. Blind Date With Destiny 4:06
12. The Laser 2:10
13. Spleen's Battle 1:08
14. Victory 2:23
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

Track Listing Legend: * Includes thematic material by Stephen Warbeck La-La Land Records and Universal Studios proudly present our eighth title within the acclaimed Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection—the world premiere official release of the original motion picture score from the big screen 1999 superhero-action/comedy Mystery Men, starring Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo and William H. Macy, and directed by Kinka Usher. This savvy and ahead-of-its-time skewering of comic book lore and pop culture has seen its cult status grow significantly since its initial theatrical release, and a vital component of its appeal is the notable and dynamic score by Oscar winning composer Stephen Warbeck with additional music by the legendary Shirley Walker. These two exceptional talents fashion a powerhouse, rich-in-theme orchestral score that expertly manages the film's complicated balancing act of satire, action and character. Released here for the very first time in any format, fans are finally able to savor this thrilling work from both major composers - with Warbeck's score featured on DISC 1 and Walker's contributions showcased on DISC 2. Produced, edited and mastered by soundtrack restoration expert Mike Matessino, this special 2-CD limited edition release features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer John Takis and heroic art design by Dan Goldwasser.

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