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O - Original Score

O - Original Score

Varese Sarabande (302 066 244 2)

Release Date: 2001

Formats: CD, Digital

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Track Listing

1. Ave Maria - performed by Renata Scotto 3:55
2. Hawk 4:56
3. Victory And Defeat 1:21
4. The Scarf 1:34
5. Spinning A Web 2:46
6. Confrontation 1:02
7. Odin's Vigil 2:25
8. A Devilish Plan 3:09
9. Hawks vs. Bulldogs 3:44
10. Murderous Intentions 1:48
11. Odin's Rage 2:08
12. Highwaymen 3:05
13. Sleep 4:53
14. My Life Is Over 1:59
15. To Take Flight 3:59
  Total Album Time: 42:44

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Review: O

by James Barry May 10, 2003
3.5 / 5 Stars

There is nary a bigger Danna fan than I.  Formerly, that statement would have been exclusively in reference to Mychael Danna, whose "romanti-minimalist" style has made him a definite favorite.  Until recently, my only exposure to his brother, Jeff, was his guitar work on Mychael's score for Girl, Interrupted.  His work on O has certainly piqued my interest in any other film scores he's got in the works.

After an excerpt from Verdi's "Otello" (and how can you go wrong with a Verdi aria?) Danna's score monopolizes the album.  With a theme introduced right at the outset, Danna sets the perfect tone for a modern Shakespeare picture.  His use of medieval instruments is dead-on; rarely have I heard Viols used to such effect, and more rarely when surrounded by a modern orchestra.  Danna's theme flows from track to track, never far from the forefront of even the most "ambient" cues.  The score has a forward momentum about it that keeps it moving even if its tempo rarely rises above an andante. 

With definite stand-outs being "Hawk", "Victory and Defeat", and "The Scarf" - as well as the hauntingly sparse finale, "To Take Flight," this is a solid album, and a fine introduction to a composer who is well worth watching.

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