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Paris When it Sizzles (2CDs)

Paris When it Sizzles (2CDs)

Limited Edition of 1,000 Copies

Kritzerland (KR 20031-3)

Release Date: December 5, 2016

Conducted by Nelson Riddle

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: The Complete Score
1. Prologue
2. Main Title (short version)
3. Woman in Black / Marlene a la Mode
4. Meyerheim Main Title
5. Sizzling Waltz No. 1
6. Sizzling Waltz No. 2 / They Danced Flip / Maurice Splits
7. Enter the Mysterious Stranger / Amusing Musette
8. Tango No. 1
9. Square Chase
10. Flip for Rick / Amusing Musette
11. The Dissolve / Bois Bounce / Saccharine Strings / Flip to Typewriter
12. Brandy Glow
13. Gabrielle Flips to Fancy / The Second Waltz / Dracula / Western Chase / Staggered
14. Goodnight Gabrielle
15. That Face (vocal by Fred Astaire)
16. Back to the Bois / Valse de Paree
17. Lipstick Tango
18. Sting for Guitar / Who's Got the Napkin / To the Studio / To Fran Studio
19. Luncheon Music
20. The Office / Chase Across the Lot / Idol Eyes / Bedroom Set
21. Tape Recorder to Order
22. Arab Agitato
23. Gaby Blues
24. Hot Love
25. Pull the Trigger / Parchesi
26. Bathtub Idea / French Bubble Bath / That Kiss / To the Party
27. Bastille Cha-Cha No. 1
28. Party Twist No. 1
29. Party Fox Trot
30. Airport Chase
31. Rick's Demise
32. Touch of Tenderness
33. Forgotten Cage / Clock Spin / Searching for Gabrielle
34. Bastille Cha-Cha No. 2
35. Party Twist No. 2
36. Big Waltz / Gabrielle / Happy Ending / Finale
Disc 2: Alternates & Bonus Tracks / Original Album
1. ALTERNATES & BONUS TRACKS: Main Title (film version)
2. Main Title (early version)
3. Meyerheim Main Title (film version)
4. Square Chase (film version)
5. Flip Out of Square
6. The Second Waltz
7. Western Chase (without sweetener)
8. Stealing the Film (alternate) / French Bubble Bath (alternate)
9. To the Party
10. Le Marseillaise / Bastille Day March
11. March Alsacienne
12. Happy Ending / Finale (without sweetener)
13. ORIGINAL ALBUM: Main Title and Theme Gabrielle
14. Gabrielle
15. Tango de Paris
16. French Bubble Bath
17. Saccharine Strings
18. Brandy Glow
19. Good Night Gabrielle
20. That Face
21. Valse de Paree
22. Gaby Blues
23. Bastille Cha Cha Cha
24. Touch of Tenderness
25. La Valse Grande / Happy Ending (End Title)
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From the Manufacturer

Helping to bring this film to effervescent life is the eclectic and fun score by Nelson Riddle. One can only imagine that Riddle had a field day with this score, getting not only to underscore the film proper, with its gorgeous themes, but also to underscore the movie parodies and to create some wonderful source cues. His main romantic theme is one of his best, and the score is kind of the poster child for how to write a great score for a comedy. It's a delight from start to finish and a perfect example of what nobody did better than Riddle.

For this release, for the first time ever, we present the entire score on CD 1 (including the wonderful Fred Astaire vocal on "That Face"), all beautifully restored by Chris Malone from all the elements in the Paramount Pictures vaults. On CD 2 we present alternates and bonus tracks, followed by the original Reprise LP soundtrack presentation the complete score and the album presentation are in sparkling stereo.

So, take a trip to the City of Light and prepare to be entranced and captivated by Nelson Riddle's wonderful score to Paris When it Sizzles.

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