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Perversione / Stress

Perversione / Stress

Limited Edition of 300 Units

Quartet Records (QR410)

Release Date: February 21, 2020

Conducted by Carlo Savina

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. PERVERSIONE: Perversione (Titoli) 3:06
2. Perversione (falsa tranquillità) 1:26
3. Perversione (sensualità) 2:43
4. Perversione (voce per un amore) 1:34
5. Perversione (attesa) 0:57
6. Perversione (Titoli versione ritmica) 2:47
7. Perversione (momento sacro) 1:09
8. Perversione (Titoli ripresa) 1:14
9. Perversione (intimità) 2:52
10. Perversione (attimi romantici) 1:10
11. Perversione (insicurezza) 3:43
12. Perversione (tensione) 2:51
13. Perversione (Titoli versione ritmica 2) 2:51
14. Perversione (al buio) 2:42
15. Perversione (dubbio) 2:04
16. Perversione (brividi) 5:36
17. Perversione (vocal) 3:01
18. Perversione (finale) 1:55
19. STRESS: Stress (Titoli) 2:07
20. Stress (momento d'amore) 2:28
21. Stress (serenità) 0:56
22. Stress (nel profondo dei sensi) 1:15
23. Stress (allucinazione) 6:08
24. Stress (atmosfera calma) 3:01
25. Stress (sexy buffo) 2:57
26. Stress (allegrotto) 1:00
27. Stress (pensieri) 2:23
28. Stress (barocco) 2:30
29. Stress (Finale) 2:15
  Total Album Time: 70:41

From the Manufacturer

Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar presents the premiere releases of two Carlo Savina psychedelic cult classics.

Manuel Mur Oti's Perversione (also know as Diary of an Erotic Murderess and La encadenada) stars Marisa Mell as a seductress getting involved with both father and son in order to inherit a huge estate. The film's score is largely based around a piano theme for the character of the son – actor Anthony Steffen was actually an accomplished pianist and had played musicians in several of his films. The depraved hallucinations feature the incomparable vocal solos of Edda dell'Orso.

Corrado Prisco's Stress stars Lou Castel who carved out his own niche in playing troubled youth – this time, a young university student who returns home, but the political indoctrinations at student rallies might have sent him too far down the rabbit hole… Savina's score is quite short and is largely characterized by a baroque feel reinforcing the ideas of the prodigal son's returning with children's vocals, lullabies and a cembalo. The main and end credits featuring Edda dell'Orso are available for the first time as they were replaced with classical and folk music respectively.

Mastered by Claudio Fuiano, the CD comes with 8-page booklet with Gergely Hubai discussing the films, the composer and the scores.

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