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Posse / The Last Tycoon

Posse / The Last Tycoon

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 213)

Release Date: October 29, 2012

Conducted by Maurice Jarre

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. POSSE - THE ALBUM: Burning Dollars And Main Title 6:45
2. Strawhorn 6:58
3. You Are Too Ambitious 2:26
4. Sad Prospect 1:41
5. Strawhorn Escapes 6:14
6. Confrontation And End Title 6:29
7. POSSE - THE EXTRAS: Saloon 0:50
8. Turkey In The Straw (Traditional, Arr. M. Jarre) 1:09
9. Support Our Marshal (M. Jarre) 0:18
10. For He's A Jolly Good Fellow (Traditional, Arr. M. Jarre) 0:13
11. Under The Double Eagle (Josef Franz Wagner, Arr. M. Jarre) 2:12
12. THE LAST TYCOON - THE ALBUM: Main Title 0:56
13. After The Flood 1:07
14. On Kathleen's Porch 1:03
15. Alone In Their Own World - Alternate 1:53
16. Candle Scene 3:01
17. It's Here 3:32
18. On The Beach 1:16
19. The Letter 2:53
20. You Have The Choice (Maurice Jarre & Harold Pinter) 3:45
21. An Unexpected Call 0:22
22. Organ Preview 1:10
23. Remembrance 1:20
24. End Title 2:19
25. THE LAST TYCOON - THE EXTRAS: After The Flood - Alternate 1:06
26. Alone In Their Own World (Film Version) 1:06
27. Ballroom Medley 7:47
28. My Silent Love - Alternate (E. Heyman & D. Seusse) 2:59
29. Mi Par D'udir Ancora from The Pearl Fishers (Bizet) 3:15
  Total Album Time: 76:05

From the Manufacturer

For Posse, Maurice Jarre's score is one of his most interesting of the period, using an echoplexed trumpet and flute effect similar to the one Jerry Goldsmith employed in Patton. But where Goldsmith used the effect as an echo of past glories, Jarre's music captures Marshal Howard Nightingale's pomposity, his delusions of grandeur, and the way he cloaks himself in patriotism.

In contrast, Jarre's picaresque music for Nightingale's nemesis is based on the same material as Nightingale's, but where Nightingale's music bursts with patriotism and self-confidence, Strawhorn's is almost comically morose, with flute counterpoint providing sympathetic shading to the character—it's an incisive portrait of a dogged, reluctant hero. Jarre thus links Nightingale and Strawhorn as two sides of the same coin.

Nightingale's music is clearly more aggressive as its echoing trumpets and grunting low brass increasingly surround Strawhorn's material. Jarre managed to punctuate the movie's lengthy hunt and chase sequences, giving the score an exciting, percussive feeling, while underscoring the differences between the two opposing characters.

Maurice Jarre took a sparse approach to The Last Tycoon, with less than 25 minutes of original music playing during the movie's two-hour plus running time. With Robert DeNiro's character seeming deliberately remote and enigmatic, Jarre avoided underscoring the character's day-to-day work at the studio and instead focused on Stahr's interior life.

The lonely main theme speaks to Stahr's desire for something outside his work life and to his growing romantic obsession with Kathleen. Jarre's music has a subtle period feel, with solos for clarinet and saxophone. Apart from the main and end titles, Jarre only underscores scenes where Stahr is interacting with or, presumably, thinking about Kathleen, making their relationship the one window into Stahr's personality and psyche. Since it frames the film, Jarre's elegant theme also provides a reflection of Hollywood glamor and romance.

The 2" 16-track masters for both works were restored and newly mixed into two-channel stereo by the expert team of Lukas Kendall, Neil S. Bulk, and Michael McDonald of Private Island Trax. The resulting sound, particularly the brass in Posse, is dynamic and crisp.

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