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Rabid Dogs - Expanded

Rabid Dogs - Expanded

Chris' Soundtrack Corner (CSC 021)

Release Date: September 30, 2016

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Cani Arrabbiati (Titoli) 2:08
2. Rapina E Fuga 4:45
3. Radio Bossa 2:44
4. Rapina E Fuga (#2) 0:27
5. Autostrada 2:44
6. Fuga Nel Campo Di Grano 3:13
7. Ripresa Del Viaggio 2:23
8. Fine Di Un Incubo 3:44
9. Cani Arrabbiati (Finale) 2:08
10. BONUS TRACKS: Santa Lucia (previously unreleased) 1:50
11. Fuga Nel Campo Di Grano (#2) 0:28
12. Fuga Nel Campo Di Grano (#3) 1:58
13. Fine Di Un Incubo (#2) 3:31
14. Fuga Nel Campo Di Grano (#4) 3:13
  Total Album Time: 35:16

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From the Manufacturer

After filming of Rabid Dogs was completed, a series of financial set-backs bought the production to a halt. When producer Roberto Loyola went bankrupt and was unable to pay Mario Bava's cast and crew, his creditors seized his holdings, including the rough edit of the film and Stelvio Cipriani's demo recordings of its score. The impounded elements were locked away in a bank vault until the delinquent bills could be paid, and that's where Rabid Dogs stayed for twenty years.

Over the ensuing decades, a variety of legal actions brought Bava's lost film out of incarceration and into restoration for theatrical and home video release. In most of these versions, Cipriani's demo score recording was placed into the film to serve as its full score. In 2002, Mario Bava's son Lamberto and producer Alfredo Leone joined together to complete the film properly, shooting new scenes, cut others out, and re-editing the film, now entitled Kidnapped, to match Lamberto's interpretation of his father's specifications. Cipriani's original demo was replaced by a new, more unobtrusive musical soundtrack composed and recorded by Cipriani himself, but it did little to give the film the kind of brazen energy his first score did.

This new extended release of Cipriani's original score presents the complete score for the first time as a standalone album. Some cues that had been combined for inclusion on a 2005 Digitmovies release have been separated to match their isolated presentation in the film, and a fistful of alternate, unreleased, or extended mixes have been found and included. Taken from the original stereo recording sessions, unlike the film's bland monophonic sound mix, which are very crisp and clean, making for a fully satisfying rendering of one of Stelvio Cipriani's finest and most intrinsic poliziotteschi scores.

The album is produced by Christian Riedrich and remastered by Stefan Betke. The CD is accompanied by a 12-page illustrated booklet designed by Aletta Heinsohn featuring detailed, exclusive notes on the film, its reconstruction(s), and its original score by film music journalist Randall D. Larson.

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