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Ravenwolf Towers

Ravenwolf Towers

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 413)

Release Date: August 21, 2018

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. EPISODE #1: BAD MARY: Main Titles 1:39
2. The Door 1:39
3. Dr. Ivanhoff 1:23
4. Dr. Ivanhoff's Room 2:15
5. The Mutant Room 0:50
6. One Weird Family 1:37
7. Discovering The Boy And Girl 1:03
8. Jake And Dr. Lorka 1:28
9. Lorka's Machine 1:23
10. Mary In Distress 1:00
11. Mary And Jake/The Infusion 4:17
12. Growing Closer 0:40
13. Mary Leaves 1:54
14. EPISODE #2: BONDS OF BLOOD: The Family 3:39
15. Jake With Mary 3:13
16. Newbies/Blood On The Lamp 1:32
17. Ivanhoff And Jake 2:50
18. Jake Sees Through The Glasses 2:42
19. Jake Is Determined 0:55
20. EPISODE #3: SECRETS IN THE WALLS: Mary With The Family 0:53
21. The KISS! 1:22
22. Regina Snoops Ivanhoff 2:50
23. After The Attack 0:53
24. Mary Leaves Jake 1:49
25. The REAL Jake? 0:50
26. End Titles 1:42
  Total Album Time: 46:18

From the Manufacturer

Intrada's latest release by composer Richard Band features his score to the 2016 webseries Ravenwolf Towers. In this series produced by Charles Band and released through Full Moon, most of the characters, save the two leads, had been introduced in previous Full Moon films, many of which had been scored by Band. As a result, he was able to leverage previous themes and motifs for these characters, while creating new themes for the characters of Jake and Mary. Romantically sad and beautiful, it captured the mysterious and uncertain destiny of their relationship, where of course the viewer knows more than the characters. The score portrays a sense of dignity for the old Towers, with an inherent sense of the enigmas that lie within. It's Richard Band doing what Richard Band does best, and who couldn't use a healthy dose of that in the few weeks leading up to October and Halloween festivities.

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