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Return to the Blue Lagoon

Return to the Blue Lagoon

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 368)

Release Date: November 29, 2016

Conducted by Basil Poledouris

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Legend And Main Titles 2:48
2. Dinghy Adrift 1:52
3. Cholera Scare 1:29
4. Night Sailing 0:47
5. Sarah Sails Alone 5:00
6. Richard's Toy Boat 1:00
7. After The Storm 3:51
8. Sarah Reacts To Distant Drumming 1:25
9. Hog Play 0:50
10. Water Play 1:06
11. Shark On The Reef 2:53
12. The Children Pray 2:11
13. The Easter Egg Hunt (Alternate) 1:06
14. Richard Dives For Pearl (Alternate) 0:51
15. Richard Looks At Lilli 1:57
16. Richard Spies (Original) 1:04
17. Richard vs. Shark On Reef 0:43
18. I'll Move My Bed 0:45
19. First Menstruation 0:22
20. Richard Enters Jungle (Revised) 1:42
21. Love Montage 2:53
22. Ship To Shore 1:24
23. Water Cask Work Party 1:49
24. Lilli Is Jealous 2:17
25. Evil Quinlan And Fight Sequence 5:20
26. Lilli Pregnant 1:39
27. “A World Of Our Own” (SURFACE) 4:47
28. THE EXTRAS - ALTERNATES AND ADDITIONAL CUES: The Easter Egg Hunt (Original) 1:04
29. Richard Dives For Pearl (Original) 0:51
30. Richard Spies (Revised) 1:09
31. Richard vs. Shark On Reef (Alternate) 0:41
32. 8M1 0:19
33. Richard Enters Jungle (Original) 1:41
34. Beach Meeting 0:29
35. Quinlan Spots Pearl (Original) 0:12
36. Quinlan Spots Pearl (Alternate) 0:14
37. THE EXTRAS - CANNIBAL DRUMMING SOURCE: Distant Cannibal Drumming 0:56
38. Distant Drumming Continues 1:35
39. Distant Drumming Continues (Alternate) 1:03
40. Distant Drumming Continues (Irregular) 1:45
41. Out Of Rhythm Drums 2:29
42. Distant Drumming 1:22
43. Distant Drumming (Alternate No. 1) 1:11
44. Distant Drumming (Alternate No. 2) 1:37
45. Cannibal Party Drums No. 1 0:54
46. Cannibal Party Drums No. 2 0:55
  Total Album Time: 74:18

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From the Manufacturer

For the 1991 Columbia film Return to the Blue Lagoon, composer Basil Poledouris insisted that the new score not simply reprise the first, creating for himself the challenge of covering the same territory with new ideas. While the first film's delicate love theme appears fleetingly, Poledouris establishes for the sequel its own main theme. Like the original Blue Lagoon theme, it features wide, soaring intervals, but its tone is comparatively moody and subdued, matched to the sequel's melancholy opening. The new love theme, meanwhile, is sweet and guileless. The sweeping main theme from the 1980 film is used more frequently, but still with restraint—sometimes altered melodically, or suggested through brief fragments. While the composer's palette remains mostly orchestral, synthesizer is incorporated into a number of cues and the score is a bit less Impressionistic than that of the first film, with a higher proportion of dissonance and robust adventure scoring. Ultimately, lyricism and lush atmosphere dominate, with the colors of solo winds and sweeping strings brought to the foreground. Poledouris' score for Return to the Blue Lagoon has never been available, and for this premiere release, Intrada was provided access to the complete ˝" three-channel scoring session masters as well as the live two-track session mixes on DAT.

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