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Scary Movie 3

Scary Movie 3

Varese Sarabande (302 066 533 2)

Release Date: December 16, 2003

Conducted by Dell Hake

Performed by
The Hollywood Studio Symphony

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Past Your Bedtime? (introduction) - Kevin Hart 0:56
2. Just Got Serious - Buku Wise featuring Young Dre 3:56
3. Mexican Hat Rap - Delinquent Habits 3:49
4. Ridin Rollin - N-Kroud Kliq 3:51
5. Naughty Schoolgirls (interlude) - Kevin Hart 0:31
6. Do You Wanna - Jug 2:44
7. Smoke It Up - Kebyar 3:35
8. Fearless - Dame Lee 2:47
9. Cindy Discovers (interlude) - Kevin Hart 0:45
10. Who U Lookin' At - Gage 3:20
11. Rock Rock, Bounce Bounce - Dame Lee featuring Jug 2:35
12. White Boy - Simon Rex featuring Kevin Hart & the Scary Movie Crew 4:14
13. Aliens Arrive (interlude) - Kevin Hart 0:13
14. Mayhem Remix - Jug featuring Roz &*G-Man 2:42
15. Scary Movie Suite - Part I 4:52
16. Scary Movie Suite - Part II 5:02
  Total Album Time: 45:52

Review: Scary Movie 3

by Rafael Ruiz April 21, 2004
1.5 / 5 Stars

What does this album want to be? There's not enough music to be a good rap soundtrack. There's not even enough score to be of interest to film music collectors. It just exists as a poorly thought out soundtrack release. Oddly enough, I feel this movie series has improved with each sequel (starting at bad and slowly getting watchable). Now that one of the original masters of blitzkrieg comedy is directing this installment (David Zucker) instead of the Wayans Brothers. With all the changes, it still overall an urban album.

The songs are in on a light bouncy tone. None of them are particularly bad, but not many are particular good. There's several fun tracks: Gage's "Who U Lookin' At" and Kebyar's "Smoke It Up", with a cool loop sampled from Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

The talented up-and-coming composer James L. Venable's score is presented in two tracks at the end of the album, but it's a hodge-podge of short cues edited together. When is there going to be a good score album of his work on either the Powerpuff Girls TV show or movie?

There's also a series of obnoxious interstitials with Kevin Hart doing some painfully unfunny shtick over Venable's score. It just shows in the end the carelessness in which the album was put together.

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