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Signore & signori

Signore & signori

Digitmovies (DPDM007)

Release Date: March 31, 2013

Conducted by Pier Luigi Urbini

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Chiacchiere 2:11
2. Prima della festa 1:35
3. Sarabande allegra 2:02
4. Se e'vero amore 2:35
5. Battibecchi 4:55
6. Night Dance 2:28
7. Tuita vita 2:02
8. Il paparazzo di milano 3:21
9. In citta' 2:39
10. Ronda di piacere 1:21
11. Se e'vero amore 4:12
12. Il ricatto 5:30
13. La domenica 1:59
14. BONUS TRACKS: Chiacchiere 2:13
15. Se e'vero amore 1:54
16. Chiacchiere 2:19
17. Se e'vero amore 0:57
18. Chiacchiere 1:04
19. Se e'vero amore 3:04
20. Chiacchiere 1:09
21. Se e'vero amore 1:40
22. Chiacchiere 1:45
23. Prima della festa (source music) 0:46
24. Il paparazzo di milano (versione film) 2:29
25. Chiacchiere (mix stereo) 2:04
26. Se e'vero amore (mix stereo) 2:20
  Total Album Time: 60:34

From the Manufacturer

Digitmovies, in collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, releases on a digipack CD, the complete edition, of the OST by Carlo Rustichelli for the classic movie Signore & signori (The Birds, the Bees and the Italians) directed in 1965 by Pietro Germi.

For our CD (TT 61:46) first generation mono master tapes of the recording session were used that allowed us, in addition to re-creating the album of that time (37:26), to find out about 24:20 of unreleased material. Carlo Rustichelli wrote an OST for a small ensemble with lounge flavour featuring an allegretto theme in a circus and amusement park style, a perfect background to the gossip of the protagonists (Tr. 1), which is frequently reprised (Tr.3, Tr.5, Tr.7, Tr.9, Tr.12, Tr.13) and alternated with lounge music (Tr.2, Tr.6, Tr.8), and a romantic love theme (Tr.4, Tr.10, Tr.11) which can also be found among the unreleased material. In the original masters we have also discovered two rare stereo versions of the main theme and love theme (where male and female voices are featured: Tr.25, Tr.26).

A proper rescue and preservation as an homage to the Italian Silver Age.

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