Track Listing

1. Main Title* (Kevin Manthei) - Star Trek: Online 2:41
2. Main Title* (Ron Jones) - Star Trek: Starfleet Academy 4:08
3. Main Title* (Ron Jones) - Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3:53
4. Main Title (Danny Pelfrey) - Star Trek: Starfleet Command III 1:11
5. Main Title (Rob Abernethy) - Star Trek: Legacy 2:24
6. Kirk's Theme (Rob Abernethy) - Star Trek: Legacy 2:34
7. Main Title (Danny Pelfrey) - Star Trek: Armada II 2:03
8. Main Title (Steven Scherer) - Star Trek: The Next Generation: Birth of the Federation 1:19
9. Main Title (Danny Pelfrey) - Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force 1:50
10. Introduction (Danny Pelfrey) - Star Trek: Away Team 1:47
11. Kelshar (Roland Rizzo) - Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard 2:44
12. Warrior's Poem (Gregory Smith) - Star Trek: Klingon 2:19
13. Main Title (Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture) (Jerry Goldsmith) - Star Trek: Bridge Commander 4:07
14. STAR TREK: BORG (Music By Dennis McCarthy and Kevin Kiner): Main Title 1:05
15. Legend of the Borg 1:25
16. Battle at Wolf 359 2:57
17. The Battle Rages 0:58
18. Club Q 1:00
19. I Am Berman of Borg 1:39
20. Goldsmith Has Been Assimilated 1:38
21. Welcome to the Collective, Cadet 2:25
22. Searching the Borg Ship 2:23
23. Time is Running Out 1:19
24. Escape From the Borg Collective 1:45
25. Borg Hell 2:02
26. You Will be Assimilated. Have a Nice Day 2:24
27. Resistance is Futile, My Ass! 2:57
28. Finale 4:33
29. End Title 1:04
  Total Album Time: 64:34

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* Contains Theme from Star Trek by Alexander Courage

This release features new recordings of music produced and arranged by Dominik Hauser from Star Trek video games. With a well-known franchise like Star Trek, composers are usually asked to reference the iconic Star Trek themes in some manner and some games actually use the real Star Trek TV and movie themes under license in their soundtracks. Many times, though, it is not possible to license the actual music and video game composers are usually asked to provide music that reflects a similar musical sensibility and this presents a unique opportunity for both veteran composers and budding composers. This collection of mostly previously unreleased music selected from the Star Trek video games has been faithfully arranged and produced by Dominik Hauser with regard to the original performances in the games themselves.

BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents the first compilation ever of music from the Star Trek video games. The booklet contains liner notes written by author Randall Larson, featuring new insights from the composers. This is a limited edition release of 1000 units.

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