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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (2CD)

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (2CD)

Intrada (Intrada MAF 7117)

Release Date: February 27, 2012

Conducted by Cliff Eidelman

Formats: CD, Digital

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Track Listing

Disc 1: The Film Score
1. THE FILM SCORE: Overture 3:02
2. The Incident 1:09
3. Spacedock/Clear All Moorings (Contains Theme from Star Trek TV Series) 1:59
4. Spock's Wisdom 3:13
5. Guess Who's Coming 0:49
6. Assassination 2:16
7. Surrender for Peace 2:48
8. The Death of Gorkon 2:07
9. The Trial/Morally Unjust Evidence 1:13
10. Sentencing 1:02
11. Rura Penthe/First Sight of Rura Penthe 4:09
12. Alien Fight 1:05
13. First Evidence/The Search 1:33
14. Escape From Rura Penthe 5:35
15. The Mirror 1:17
16. Revealed 2:48
17. Mind Meld 2:06
18. Dining on Ashes 1:01
19. The Battle for Peace/The Final Chance for Peace/The Final Count 8:15
20. The Undiscovered Country 1:07
21. Sign Off (Contains Theme from Star Trek TV Series) 3:16
22. Star Trek VI End Credits Suite 6:17
23. THE EXTRAS: Trailer (take 10) (Contains Theme from Star Trek TV Series) 2:23
24. Guess Who's Coming (alternate) 0:51
25. Sign Off (Contains Theme from Star Trek TV Series) (alternate) 3:31
26. Trailer (Contains Theme from Star Trek TV Series) (take 2) 2:20
  Disc Time: 67:12
Disc 2: 1991 Original Soundtrack Album (Produced by Cliff Eidelman)
1. Overture 2:57
2. An Incident 0:53
3. Clear All Moorings (Contains Theme from Star Trek TV Series) 1:39
4. Assassination 4:45
5. Surrender for Peace 2:46
6. Death of Gorkon 1:10
7. Rura Penthe 4:22
8. Revealed 2:38
9. Escape From Rura Penthe 5:34
10. Dining on Ashes 1:00
11. The Battle for Peace 8:03
12. Sign Off (Contains Theme from Star Trek TV Series) 3:13
13. Star Trek VI Suite 6:18
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

Blast for Star Trek music fans! World premiere 2-CD release of complete soundtrack for sixth feature film in wildly popular Paramount Pictures franchise, directed by Nicholas Meyer, starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley and Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer.

Cliff Eidelman scores for first time in series not with customary fanfare-march approach but with incredibly dark, powerful material, mirroring serious tone of film. Ideas often play in cellos, basses, low brass. Eidelman also displays gift for powerhouse percussion writing. In spotlight as well are aggressive, tour-de-force action cues requiring high degree of player technique, especially from horns, trumpets. Arguably the most challenging Trek score to perform!

Emphasis on darker sonorities notwithstanding, score does allow for bright, energetic theme where appropriate, especially in dynamite finish with cast "Sign Off" and "End Credits" music.

Intrada release, courtesy Universal Music & Paramount Pictures and part of Paramount restoration series of each Trek score, also offers alternates plus both dynamic trailer scores, to date the only original trailer scores recorded for a Star Trek film. Take 10 version with arresting high trumpet triplets is particularly memorable! CD 2 presents original 1991 album with composer's unique musical assembly.

Complete score mastered from Mitsubishi digital 2-track stereo session masters recorded at 20th Century Fox, trailers mixed from 2" 24-track analog masters recorded at Sony Pictures. Lukas Kendall produces, supervises entire project with composer, Neil Bulk edits, Mike Matessino mixes, masters, Jeff Bond scribes authoritative notes. Cliff Eidelman conducts.

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